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We receive many e-mails and feedbacks regarding our products. Read these opinions and feedback sent by our users about using different versions of Hard Disk Sentinel software. Thank you very much for your feedbacks and we're always open for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions.
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Hard Disk Sentinel is like magic. It's the only one I know that can see any drives behind a RAID controller and has been essential in troubleshooting issues with my arrays. It's helped me find cable problems and determine which drives are really causing issues and which weren't!
I worked for many years as an enterprise level systems administrator before transitioning to video production and I have not found a tool that is as well-designed, user-friendly, function-rich tool in all that time.
- Tony Leps - Video Producer | Editor | Colorist

Thank you for building such an amazing application. It is definitely the best of the best I've seen in my experience working with computers (15+ years).
- Ado Gracic

I have contacted HDS support only a few times.
Each time I received a quick response that was outstanding.
Basically, the responses I received answered my questions with enough technical detail that there was no need for my asking any followup questions.
Relative to other technical support groups I have had to contact, yours stands out as one of the best of not the best I have had dealings with.
Keep up the good work.
- Tom Mayer

I am impressed how good and valuable your Hard Disk Sentinel program is. We have four computers here in the family and they all benefit from Sentinel. Wouldn't operate a computer without it.
- John Skulavik

I know the update was easy and everything works great. Opening my computer and seeing HD Sentinel reporting that all is well with its hard drive is a positive - and anxiety-reducing - way to start each day.
- Linda Willis

Your software, knowledge, and support is invaluable to users trying to troubleshoot hard disk issues and protect their data. Clearly, my purchase of HDS was the best IT decision I ever made.
- Richard Schum

Been using Sentinel 5 or more years not sure...
and today it SAVED me a 5TB drive which was virtually full of collected movies. Warned me 9% and 8 days.. just out of the blue.
So.. transferred and dumped.
I WOULDN'T have known and would have lost the collection without HD Sentinel.
- KBO Media

I just want to say I am impressed with your company's solid track record of continually maintaining, updating and improving this product. So many other helpful tools and services I've grown accustomed to over the years have been acquired and run into the ground by their parent company, turned into marketing bloat or abandoned by their authors. You guys have kept laser focus, adding sensible features and new hardware support without compromising the usability or stability of your product.
- Richard K.

Your software rocks! The second computer I installed it on, 6-7 years ago, was my wife's. It showed that her HDD had less than a month left. We backed up and transferred everything; sure enough, a week later the disk got in serious trouble and the computer was useless.
Since then, I've had no issues with HDDs again, but your software helps me sleep better! I've changed several PCs and always install it.
It's really very kind of you that you've never asked for upgrade fees all these years. I hope you are able to still make money; I'm sure you've saved many Windows users around the world countless hours and frustration. If I were Microsoft, I would have bought the software to include with Windows.
If you ever decide to charge for upgrades, I'll be happy to support you. In the meantime, I've encouraged all my friends to buy licenses.
Thanks again
- Alexander

Hard Disk Sentinel is one of the very few programs that I can even consider buying. I'm some sort of hard drive collector/fanatics, and I use the program daily. The interface and the layout of the program is very well done, in my eyes. One feature I realy appreciate, is the "Surface Test", whitch is outstanding in my opinion. But the function of monitoring the system's hard drive in real time is most appreciated by me. Most importantly, I rely on this program!

The program that you created, is not yet another hard disk program - It is THE Hard Disk Program! Mostly because of all the effort you have put into it, and the big support of hardware. I have it installed in all of my computers. And when I see those green squares (tray icon), I'm not worried.
Thanks again!
- Hans Johansson

Hard Disk Sentinel is without doubt the best computer equipment and software tech support I have ever found and I have been using and building PCs for over 25 years. They get off the chart marks for knowledge, communications, timely response and most importantly resolving issues! I never felt like I was communicating with someone with flowchart of canned responses or that I was being BS'ed until I gave up in frustration like you do with many suppliers, assuming you can even contact anyone and not have to spend days being communications.

I have used HD Sentinel for a couple of years mostly to monitor temperatures and error rates and it has worked well for me. In the last year or so I have started using some SSDs for the system disk and a couple of fast data disks and Hard Disk Sentinel was reported that the TRIM was working for the system drive but not for the data drives. I never thought too much about it for a while and then decided to see if that was something I could resolve. I contacted a couple of the SSD manufacturer's and their tech support and while getting some specific information, none of it resolved the issue. One suggested that TRIM really was working but HD Sentinel was in error on the report. So finally I contacted HD Sentinel and got not only very specific information and troubleshooting but the solution: I believe TRIM is enabled (fsutil shows that), but Hard Disk Sentinel shows it is DISABLED. Why?
Bob Norman

The best program of its kind.
Very light and accurate.
- Panagiotis Giannakopoulos

This is what I like about Hard Disk Sentinel:
- It's fingerprint is small;
- It's ability to show me the state of my three drives either individually or in aggregate;
- It's ability to show me how my hard drives compares to other similar or identical hard drives.

This is how your software has helped me recently:
By showing, in a continuous manner, the temperature of my hard drives I was able to detect that my external hard drive was dangerously heating up. Therefore I was able to disconnect it and examine it. The problem was caused by the air vents on the enclosure where in the process of getting blocked. one clean up and now everything is fine :)

This might be a small example, but is is one that has save me from buying a new external hard drive.
- Richard Carriere

Hard Disk Sentinel has it all.
Everything I want in all in one technology. easy to setup and use, simple easy to figure it user interface...
I love Hard Disk Sentinel as a good tool in my case as IT pro it is a life/time saver, a must have...
- Alex S.

I'm an IT administrator and I use quite a lot of tools for HD maintenance. A friend of mine suggested to try the Hard Disk Sentinel, so I gave it. I'm quite impressed. Beautiful UI, very flexible and a lot of info right on your screen. Everything on a single program. Temperatures, health, info, errors, current state, min & max measure.
Even in the standard edition the info you handle are too much.
Trust me its a wanna have program.
- Orfeas Stavropoulos

I'm using Hard Disk Sentinel already for a couple of years, but now it save me data and a lot of time because I got an early warning and could change the HDD without any loss of data. This was also the reason to buy the Professional version to monitor all my PCs. Hard Disk Sentinel is for me one of the most important program for hard disk monitoring, perhaps in the future it can also monitor NAS-drives as well.
- Manfred Pfeiffer

As excellent as the software is, what sealed the deal for me was the excellent customer service experience. I had many questions about this utility and all of them were answered patiently and generously by the developer himself. Since I was considering an Enterprise license, he graciously built a fully-working demo for me to try out over many weeks. With that kind of care expressed I was confident about purchasing the product.
- Alex

It even installs and runs on Server 2003/Windows Home Server v.1. That OS really beats up it's data drives. (!!)
Knowing when to punt & buy/clone a new drive for substitution before an old one fails is a real God-send!
feedback provided by Dr. Robert Blomeyer, CEO OTA (http://www.onlineteachingassociates.com)

Can I say that Hard Disk Sentinel is one of the most useful pieces of software I have bought.
I have many hard discs and the software works perfectly on them and has saved me a couple of instances of disc failure before I would have noticed.
feedback provided by Glenn Curtis

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro portable version is very cool and helpful and fantastic software!
Luckily I already own a "Familiy Licence" of the best S.M.A.R.T. tool available.
I had two hard disk crashes last year and Hard Disk Sentinel warned me in time to save my data. Well done!
Positive feedback from Stefan B. from Germany

I am very impressed with Hard Disk Sentinel Pro, the documentation and the quick response to my questions. Thank you very much: you are an example to all suppliers how they should develop their software products and how to service their clients!
Positive feedback from Fred Knottenbelt

Your software Hard Disk Sentinel is a really fantastic software, well done and meet all the demands concerning HDDs and SSDs. Many hard disk drive utilities are inconvenient and half-done; I've been happy to find the differ one.
Positive feedback from Ilya Zaidel, editor 3DNews.ru

I am a very satisfied customer. Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a utility I should have bought long before now.
Positive feedback from H.N., Retired Engineer

Hard Disk Sentinel is an outstanding product and was given the 'Excellent' award by its users.
Positive feedback from Michael Ganss, UpdateStar.com

Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise Server is the perfect tool to monitor our IT environment in the network. It helped us to find out possible hard disk issues and we had the opportunity to replace hard disks and modify the configurations to prevent data loss. It helped to find out systems operating at very high temperatures and we could do all steps to eliminate such problems also. With the provided details and the alerts Hard Disk Sentinel Enterprise helps our administrators and saves lots of time and energy of both our staff and our colleagues. Doing this without consuming any noticeable resources on the client systems or on the network itself.
Positive feedback from Bethesda - Children's Hospital of Hungarian Reformed Church

I just wanted to let you know that I think your product is fantastic software. I originally installed it to monitor the temperature of my hard disk drives which was a concern of mine after I had a hard disk drive failure due to excessive heat. I've had your product installed for over a year now and didn't think much about it until the other day it started reporting that my main hard disk drive was experiencing health issues. I've been watching the log report the health of my main hard disk drive deteriorate rapidly over the past week and I'm going to replace it. Now I'm very glad I had HD Sentinel installed! I will tell everyone to use this fantastic software - well done, great job!

I am simply amazed about detecting my hard disk drive and your level of support.
Positive feedback from Bernard St. Philippe

Having used / played around on Windows XP Pro with the one copy of HD Sentinel Pro which I registered a few days ago, I am very impressed by its capabilities (eg. USB hard disk monitoring) and stability by reference to other similar software which I have used in recent years.
Positive feedback from Ian de Sousa

Thanks for making a great little program!
Positive feedback from Klaus Nordby

I am impressed about the features which are already built in within the fantastic software.
Positive feedback from Walter Fangl

I just tried Hard Disk Sentinel and it's great. I love it. I have tried a bunch of tools and yours is clrearly the best out there, fantastic software!
Positive feedback from Christian Busch

We are impressed with the quality of your software product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future.
Positive feedback from SoftPedia Editorial Team

Thank you for this great, high quality software. I have been using Hard Disk Sentinel Professional for a while now, and it recently detected my C: hard disk drive health starting to deteriorate. This has enabled me to clone it to a new hard disk drive well before it starts to fail. Hard Disk Sentinel is "must have" fantastic software for all 3 of my computers, and I'm recommending it to my son and grandkids.
Positive feedback from Ralph Wiggins

And, you are very welcome for my support. Actually, you earned it by going way beyond the competition. I can't remember all of the programs I reviewed, but I spent a good two to three days downloading, installing, comparing, uninstalling, etc., before finding and deciding upon yours.

Needless to say, I was quite relieved when I did. If I remember correctly, yours was the ONLY one of the bunch that recognized all of my hardware accurately, not to mention that I thought it to be the most feature-rich. Further - and I don't mean to sound ungrateful - but with HDSentinel (really fantastic software) including some of the most comprehensive documentation I've ever seen, I don't know that I'll be taking you up on your offer to help me any time soon! Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work.
Positive feedback from John Walker

You've done an amazing, fantastic software! Bravo! I get my USB bridges "Macway" and they're both read perfectly.
Positive feedback from Natalya

Hard Disk Sentinel is a neat software. I like it so far.
Positive feedback from Jean Louis Imperial

I just wanted to express my complete satisfaction about HD Sentinel, fantastic software! I installed it about 2 weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results. It has helped me make cooling modifications to my PC that I hope will extend the life of my hard disk drives and PC components in general. I have recommended your fantastic software product to several of my friends and colleagues. Well done!
Positive feedback from Paul Kruse

After checking out evaluation versions of all the available hard disk diagnostics software I recently selected Hard Disk Sentinel Professional as having the best overall presentation of the SMART data and purchased a copy for use on one of my computers.
Positive feedback from Roger Davis

Hard Disk Sentinel is highly appreciated and recommended by us to customers.
Positive feedback from Soft05.com

What a fantastic software and service! I have used several programs with the same purpuse but yours is outstanding.
Positive feedback from F. K., from Germany

I want to add my voice to those praising Hard Disk Sentinel. Ten plus years after I first got it, my first portable hard drive died. So I go and buy another one with a nice long 3 year warranty, and HDSentinel immediately detects it and I go on my merry way to copy the old files onto the new drive. A common enough procedure that I just let the drive go and do the copying without a second thought. A few minutes later, while totally engrossed in another task, HDS flashes me a warning message that my brand new drive is overheating.

The max operating temperature for the Western Digital Passport Ultra is 35° C, while my drive was reading 42° C - and climbing. Worse, even at rest with a 4" fan blowing straight across it, its lowest temperature reading has been 33° C, just 2° below its max. This drive, along with the screenshot showing the temperature readouts, is being sent back to Western Digital this week for replacement under the warranty.

If it weren't for HDS, I wouldn't have known about the overheating problem until at some point in the near future, the drive would have simply died of heat exhaustion, and I'd be out all my backup files.

A Lifetime Licensee

My thanks to HD Sentinel for alerting me that TRIM was not actually working, and for the pages on your website that discuss this situation and provide tested solutions. And again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to you personally for recommending the best solution for my situation.
Steve Coulson

What can I say, it's always one of first things I install when I format, and along the years it surely saved me several TB of data by early warning me on unexpected faulty HDDs, specially appearance of bad sectors and so on. I honestly trust it more than my firewall/AV, and every time a friend or family member mentions certain specific type of issues, I always suggest to inspect & test the drive with HDSentinel and keep it monitoring just in case. Or do it myself when they prefer to bring their PCs for me to check. Proved to be a nice investment and it's always a pleasure for me to support trustworthy software that I keep using for years.
Luis Dias

I really like this program.
Everything what I want to know can be found in this program. I like the test area, as well as the status and performance visibility. Portable Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a very useful and practical program.
I had problems with my three hard disk drives in recent years, but Hard Disk Sentinel Pro warned me in time, so I could save my data into a new hard disk drive.
This program can help you never have to worry regarding the health of your hard disk drive.
Istvan Szombath

My main development machine is a Windows 7 Professional with an SSD as the C: drive and a mirrored pair of 1TB drives as my D: data drive using Microsoft's software mirror. I had noticed over the past several weeks that boot up on this machine was from time to time extremely slow with the mirrored disks going into "resynch" mode every 2-3 days. I suspected one or both of the mirrored hard drives was having problems.
At the recommendation of a friend, I purchased Hard Disk Sentinel. Immediately after installing your product, it revealed the first drive in the mirrored pair was perfectly healthy, but the second drive was experiencing major problems and had an estimated "remaining life span" of 51 days! The program also indicated that one of my USB desktop backup drives is having a problem and will need replacement soon.
I have gone through the loss of a mirrored array previously, and it is not enjoyable. Hard Disk Sentinel has saved me from a repeat of that experience. My only complaint is that I did not purchase your product sooner!
Thank you for an excellent piece of software.
Frank Kelley

I think I told you that running Hard Disk Sentinel probably saved me a backup drive failure. According to HD Sentinel, my 2 TB WD My Book was failing with bad sectors piling up. I replaced it - did a direct copy of the data on it to the new drive - and it turns out that the old drive is under warranty, so I get a freebie replacement, after I return it.
Henry S. Winokur

Just to say thanks for your software.
Your program reported a "Off-line Uncorrectable Sector Count 80->0" sector loss on my Seagate 4TB backup drive and I was able to wipe, self-repair it and put back on the data without loosing a byte!
Stuart Halliday

Thank God for Hard Disk Sentinel. Got it today and it has already showed me that one of my portable drives is about to fail. Have now backed up. What a relief. This is a great program and I have 7 Sata hard drives that contain my video and personal back ups. This program has shown that 3 of them are not in good health. Will investigate further. For anyone who has portable or other hard drives that contain personal or sentimental back ups you should seriously consider this program as I thought my back ups were safe but what if the hard drives fail. I had not thought of that before. I'm more than happy with the version I have. It is a great program. Thank You very much.
Colin Raffles

Wanted to share my initial and very positive experience with Hard Disk Sentinel.
I'm happy to have tried this product as I expected it to be like many other utilities where I immediately uninstall them after a quick test. I took a look immediately at each drive and was pleased to find a nice but extensive summary that went well beyond SMART info, along with clear and concise information about the drive, issues when applicable, and suggestions beyond basic backup reminders that included problems associated with one of my cables!

I like this program's S.M.A.R.T. check feature. Also changing drive icons with drive health. It is working without problem for now (tested with dead drives and status correct). Thanks for this good software. Keep updating!
Muharrem Tokgoz

Your software is very easy to use and helps a lot,
I would recommend to every users because it's very helpful and easy to use.
James C.

Dear HD Sentinel, dear Mr. Janos Mathe!
Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a very good, useful and reliable software that I use full satisfaction for many years!
In this year has already warned of a serious problem of two hard drives, so the data was saved.
Good work, thank you,
Istvan Szombath

I have HDS on my main rig right now and I can say it works very well, and I'm quite pleased! It emails me when temps go over limit, and I can see very easily the status of all my drives. I love it!
Wish I would have had this program a dozen or so years ago, when I had a particular hard drive fail without warning; a failure that was not recoverable even by professional recovery services, costing me the permanent loss of irreplaceable family photos and documents. I know that will never happen again with HDSentinel on the job!

Just wanted to let you know that your HD Sentinel program worked well for me. Between your program and the Windows 8 Command prompt tools, I was able to correct the potential errors on my disk drive that Sentinel had found. Initially, the health of my drive was 24%, but by working with your tools, the health is now 57%.
Coming from the early days of desktop computers with 20 MB hard drives (1985 Zenith 248) I had to learn the technologies behind the drives in regard to sectors, clusters, blocks and so on.
I was quite impressed by the array of tools available in Sentinel. Thumbs up for a great product.
David Winn

THANK YOU very much. This is great, just ordered and installed on my new notebook. Given I view this program as essential, I wanted to keep it on my retiring notebook which I'll keep as a backup.
Please feel free to use my name as an extremely satisfied customer. I use it:
1. To keep an eye on disk temps on the computer I'm working on. The colored desktop display makes that so easy. Easy to see if I should crank up my fan speeds on my desktop, and if I need to give my notebook a rest when traveling in tropical climates.
2. I have some external drives that I occasionally turn on, but have, on occasion, forgotten to turn on the overhead desk fan to keep them cool as I run some backups. The audible alarm capability reminds me when I'm in another room.
3. Finally, I use the overheat/shutdown feature when I'm gone as I keep my desktop running 24/7. I have the power supply connected to a timer, so it will shutdown for 20 minutes, then restart everyday. But with your program, I don't have to worry about drives overheating when it's on. If they do, the computer will be shutdown, waiting for the automated "boot on return to power".
Again, thanks for such a great program and keeping it going.
Larry Lewis

I have to say that of all the S.M.A.R.T. software packages I have used over the years, Hard Disk Sentinel is the most complete and easy to use of them all and the licensing is so much better as well! Keep up the good work!
Jonas Hunziker

I've been using HD Sentinel for years. Apart from sometimes being too optimistic (in my case with some drives that failed in the past), there's no other hard drive utility as full-featured and powerful as this anywhere. Nothing comes close. I've looked. And you give the best support.
Kroy Ellis

Great software by the way. Had to return a Western Digital 6 TB last month due to failing sectors. Without your software to tell me this was happening I would have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why some of my data was randomly become corrupt. Thank you for all the hard work you put in making this, I for one appreciate it and recommend Hard Disk Sentinel to all my computer geek friends.
Bill Weber

I love the support of U.S. Government Read/Wipe DOD wipe. In today's world of hacks, data breaches, and identity theft, these types of protections are mandatory and vital to protect one's data. Hard Disk Sentinel come through on this matter.
David Medlin

If you want to work as a pro user this is the recommended product. I tried lots of similar sw and HDSentinel remains the only one installed on my PC. Gives a great overview of what happens in your box, perhaps for the most importand part. Data is the only thing that cannot be purchased in a PC (so always have backup)
Sandor Kovacs

This provides lots of information on the hard disks and reports any issues directly to your email automatically! The temperature status in the notification area is also important as I stay in a country where it is perpetually hot. Good product!
Benedict Lim

Small, fast, localization, clean & clear UI, monitoring system, and lots of detail information and functions, what more can you get, uh!
10/10, totally recommend it!!!
Aries Jhan

I already own the professional version, and as a computer repair tech, I find it invaluable when diagnosing a "slow" computer. I save so much time when I find out if the slow computer has less than 100% health, and in many cases the overall health of the drive is so low, the only hope is data recovery before total failure.
I don't usually use the other tools included in the program because I don't rely on them to figure out what is exactly wrong with the drive.
It warned my about the declining health of my personal computer and I was able to clone the drive before total failure.
Daniel S Lovejoy

Just love Hard Disk Sentinel, I have replaced 3 Sata HDD's on different occasions after being warned by the program the drive was going to fail. Each time I've managed to recover my data successfully and transfer it to a new drive. I totally depend on it to keep me protected and informed.
Sherrin Thompson

Hard Disk Sentinel - excellent product. Quote by Benjamin Franklin: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Certainly the case with computer hard drives.
Martin Ziebold

HD Sentinel is a phenomenal piece of work! Very comprehensive. Nothing else even comes close.

I wanted to relate an incident with HD Sentinel that limited the damage to my laptop. I knew I bought HD Sentinel to warn me of disk issues, but last week I noticed a rise in temperature on my laptop. I normally clean vents and fans on all my computers on a regular basis, but I gave it an additional cleaning without resolving the issue.
I immediately suspected the contact between the CPU and heat dispersing element. I opened it up, cleaned away the old thermal paste and replaced it. Bingo. It was done, and my temperatures were back to normal. Thanks to HD Sentinel.

I've been using Hard Disk Sentinel for about 2 years now and simply put it's by far the best disk testing tool as well as disk monitoring and statistics extraction (smart info logging tool). I'm pretty experienced in this regard, as I'm very often testing HDDs (on average I'm testing about 1-4x HDDs a month + I have a home server with about 90 HDDs running 24/7 so Hard Disk Sentinel has been VERY helpful in monitoring those drives.)

It's not too often that I get excited about software, but this product saved me a lot of headaches and a lot of money. Recently I built an AMD 1950X rig, equipped with a mix of SSD's and HDD's my tower has 11 hard drives total, most of them newer. Being the thrifty guy that I am, I discovered two hard drives on my shelf that hadn't been used for a while. I purchased them in 2011. They were Western Digital Black 2TB drives and were always reliable. I added them to my rig without giving them a second thought. Over the last couple of months, I've been getting the dreaded blue screen of death every now and then. Recently it started happening with more frequency. Then Windows crashed again two days ago and gave me the message that it needed to repair drive "C". I have an NVME M.2 for my "C" drive. As you know, those are not exactly cheap. As I started searching for ways to detect problems on a drive to see if it was really going bad, I ran across this product and am I glad that I did. The two 2TB drives that I had installed were the problem children. One drive had 78 failures and the other 83. I quickly pulled these two drives from my system and NO MORE BLUE SCREEN! Relived that I don't have to purchase a new SSD, I ordered two HGST 10TB drives to replace the two miscreants! I already have one HGST 10TB drive so two more will give me more than ample storage (I do HD video editing and archiving). HGST drives are fantastic and probably the best HDD's to invest in.
This has been my greatest software discovery in years! Now, my computer runs like the scalded beast I built it to be!
Chris Gardner

I have been fooling around with my own computers for years, and I am a knowledgeable electronics engineering technician, so I can tell when I have found a utility which is fabulous. Such is the case with Hard Drive Sentinel.
Erik Brauer

Again, i have to thank you, Hard Disk Sentinel has helped me solve a major, long term issue (and is the only app I know of on ANY OS that could have helped with this).
I had been battling a SSD wear endurance / major degradation issue for about 2-3 years now. On my main desktop (win 10 64), as my boot drive, I have been though 3x NVMe PCIe Intel 750s , and about 8% of my current boot, intel p3700. (All 400GB in size, and all under provisioned by about 10% during partitioning). My Intel 750s would only last about 10 months before getting to ~10 of 100 write endurance, ie. close to the ssd dieing or going read-only)
Intel RMA'd 2x of the 750s as they couldn't find the issue after working with me (and i had been doing deep analysis and changes myself + I had 76 pages of my own notes/tests.
Anyway the issue turned out to be win 10's built in defrag (which I had disabled during my various tests, but one of the rare win 10 updates, re-enabled this auto defrag). I was able to figure out the issue was resolved (the backtrack through my notes to find the fix I did), based upon the excellent and UNIQUE graphs/data your app keeps. These 2x graphs graph showed me something had been fixed:

Intel 750 NVMe SSD Wear level   Intel 750 NVMe SSD Wear level S.M.A.R.T. attribute
(just wanted to say THANKS !! )

First of all I want to say that the software is excellent.
The temperature monitoring is very valuable by itself, and the SMART data of course is very useful. Also I think it is great that you know how to read some temperature indications that show lifetime maximum temperatures - that information normally is not easy to read and I would not know why a certain disk has failed if I did not have that data. Several disks did fail - and I could clearly see lifetime max temps were very high - resulting in my replacement of most of my desktop disks with enterprise disks designed to run at higher temperatures.
Very simply, if the software did nothing else but show the drive temps in the system tray the way that it does - that would be well worth the money, but of course it does so much more than that.
Rich Estes

We bought the Hard Disk Sentinel Professional "Family license" in January and just wanted to report back and everything works fine and flawless - compared to all other monitoring tools we had before :-)
Thomas K.

I would like to thank you for creating such an extremely useful and practical program as HDS, and for licensing it on what I consider generous terms.
Three years ago I bought a family licence from you for what I still consider a very fair price. Since then, as well as my regular desktop, I have installed other copies on various PCs. I don't think I have ever needed more than two copies at a time, or possibly three. But when I need it, HDS is a real life saver.
There are many free and paid-for software tools to handle the ubiquitous problem of hard disk degeneration. But I find none of them very satisfactory, and even the whole lot together fall short of what I was used to as a technican working for DEC (Digital Equipment Corp).
In my view, as an ex-field service technician who had to diagnose and repair many hard drives, HDS is the best tool I have found. In terms of functionality and its clear, intuitive user interface, it's up there with ImgBurn, a DVD writing and handling tool which is well-nigh perfect.
Thanks, best wishes, and as we say in Scotland, "Lang may yer lum reek!" ("Long may your chimney smoke").
Tom Welsh

I have used the trial version of HDD Sentinel for like 10 years (on my personal desktop) and I eventually decided that you do deserve the money and bought a family lifetime license. Keep up the good job!
I've detected a HDD malfunction multiple times before actual data corruption in the past, and so I was able to migrate data, including system partitions. You guys are the only reason that my 14-year old installation of Windows XP 32-bit still lives (and without reinstalls!) on my desktop PC. So that is a big thanks for your team!
Jan Bokšay

Hard Disk Sentinel is a brilliant program - the best hard drive checker I have ever used. I particularly like the write test options as this often uncovers faults that a simple read test doesn't.
Matthew Green

Well, I am very glad that HD Sentinel gives us much richer information than do other software. Please keep up the great work!
You should advertise more about how better your software is, as compared to others.
Shinichiro Watanabe

I just wanted you to know how incredibly thankful I am to both get a personally written email from you and such amazing customer service. Just want you to know that I think your app is exquisitely useful and has helped me avoid disaster quite a few times. Many thanks for your expertise and the way that you present the information.
Scott Bilby

I've just discovered the "Desktop Gadget" which does everything I need it to do, I almost cried tears of joy. Your program has to be one of the best user configurable pieces of software I have ever used, it reminds me of how "thoughtfully programmed" software used to be before later versions of Windows bloated everything and made programmers "sloppy". Thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful piece of software.
I found your software by accident, whilst reading through "support forums" for HDD issues. I have previously used various HDD diagnostic software (including those provided by manufacturers) and none of them come anywhere close to the program you have created.
Many thanks for making such a great piece of software.
The "Read+Write+Read" Test is exactly what I was looking for, you have no idea what a "quality of life" improvement this is for me. Your software continues to impress and has to be one of the best investments I've made in years. Thank you so much for this!
Ian Topliss

Hard Disk Sentinel is a physical drive monitoring tool. Some will say "why need such a tool?"
HDS is particularly sophisticated and will give you extended awareness of your drive health. Many settings and options are available so you can tailor Hard Disk Sentinel to your needs.
What kinds of info do you get with Hard Disk Sentinel? How about temperature, and the ability to view S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data, a feature built into the latest disk drives. There's also real-time monitoring of disk transfer speeds, an important indicator of a failing hard drive!
As you know all your datas reside in a drive, so with the continuous strains we put on it, it is a good practice to monitor its health. You won't appreciate that your HDD/SSD (containing all your precious photos) suddenly stops and dies before you back them up.
Unlike some other titles on the market, Hard Disk Sentinel is a complete monitoring solution. There's no need to purchase other tools in order to verify internal hard disks, external hard disks, SSDs, or disks in RAID arrays!
I would recommend you to use Hard Disk Sentinel (paid version), it is worth the purchase and will allow you to rescue your datas before your drive goes down. I am truly impressed with just how informative it is. It is a great program to have on your computer. Highly recommended!!
Started with freeware Trial version in October. 2021, then later installed a paid PRO Version.
And yes, the support you get is also excellent. The developer (Janos) at Hard Disk Sentinel is a great guy. If you have any questions or concerns, he always responds promptly and explains in detail any issues or questions you might have.
This is why for me personally there is no alternative to HDS.
I am glad to support good products with good support.
Josef O.

Nice piece of software. I got a read error on my external Hitachi Touro Pro USB harddisk. Hitachi's own drive fitness test still thinks the drive is fine but your software correctly warns that HDD life is poor and that there are many weak and relocated sectors. So I'm not gambling and I safely transferred all data to a new external drive. With all data safe I'm using your software now to Reinitialize the disk surface. Quite a bit of functionality, both to warn, diagnose, repair and maintain disks.
Definitely worth the money.

The software appears to be very well written and maintained.
It does what it says it will and plays nicely with the OS and other applications.
The product is priced fairly and the company does not constantly bring out new releases in attempt to extract further revenue from its customers.
My experience of technical support is unparalleled. The response to my question was quick and from the developer himself who did not assume, a priori, that it was the customer who was at fault and therefore send a boilerplate, uninformative reply. Nor did he place obstacles in the way.
The reply to my enquiry was detailed, relevant, informative and helpful and went well beyond what could have been reasonably expected.
I wish all software companies even aspired to this level of excellence, let alone achieving it.
My thanks and congratulations to Janos for providing an excellent product backed up with exemplary support - I have no hesitation in recommending Hard Disk Sentinel to anybody who wants to proactively monitor their storage system and to other vendors looking for an example to follow.
Dr Simon Cotgreave CEng MBCS CITP

Hard Disk Sentinel is an excellent utility with great support and a lot more functionality than a basic SMART attribute monitor. In the years I've been using it, it's saved me from slowly failing disks more often than I can remember. Being able to get an email notification when something starts to look a bit dodgy is essential for any computer with data that matters, and probably even more important now with SSDs where firmware bugs can have a huge impact on the reliability of your drives.
Shan Lun



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