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HDSDOS detecting controller incorrectly

PostPosted: 2017.05.31. 02:06
by ParzivalWolfram
HDSDOS v1.21 detects my SATA controller (AMD Bolton SATA AHCI, name properly reported) as SATA 2, when it is, in fact, SATA 3. The negotiated speed is also half what it should be, but AFAIK this could be due to the incorrect controller detection. The below link is the full report on my drive, just in case it is needed.
I'm running HDSDOS on Win95-DOS, not MS-DOS 6.*, so this may have contributed to the misdetection.

Link shortened for convenience.

Re: HDSDOS detecting controller incorrectly

PostPosted: 2017.06.01. 10:30
by hdsentinel
Thanks for your message and the information.

No, I can confirm that generally Hard Disk Sentinel DOS (HDSDOS) detects the capabilities of the SATA controller correctly, just like for the connected hard disk drives / SSDs.

The controller may be SATA 3, but currently with this hard disk, working in SATA 2 mode.
This is not surprising as this hard disk is a SATA II hard disk: as you can see in the Serial ATA Features section,
S-ATA Gen3 Signaling Speed (6 Gps) = Not supported.

This is why the AHCI negotiated speed is 300 MB/sec, as appears in the Hard Disk Summary.

The official manual of the hard disk also confirms that this is a SATA II hard disk ( ... up to 300 Mbytes per second, see

Personally I see no problems or troubles, both the hard disk and the controller and the negotiated speed is detected completely correctly.

Re: HDSDOS detecting controller incorrectly

PostPosted: 2017.06.01. 20:01
by ParzivalWolfram
OH. My bad. xD sorry about that. I forgot about that...