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Hard Disk Sentinel Linux version ARMv5

PostPosted: 2020.09.13. 12:39
by omorozov
I try Hard Disk Sentinel Linux version designed for ARMv5 CPU
on my Cubieboard3 Cortex-A7 with Armbian OS, but have massage:
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om@Cub1:/hit$ ls -afl
total 9984
drwxrwxrwx   8 www-data om            4096 Sep 30  2018 www1
drwxrwxrwx   2 om       om            4096 Sep 13 00:23 hdsentinel
om@Cub1:/hit$ ./hdsentinelarm -r /hit/hdsreport.html -html
-bash: ./hdsentinelarm: Permission denied
om@Cub1:/hit$ sudo ./hdsentinelarm -r /hit/hdsreport.html -html
sudo: unable to execute ./hdsentinelarm: Permission denied

It is incompatible with my equipment?