[SOLVED] Running HDSentinel on Ubuntu Server 20.04 aarch64

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[SOLVED] Running HDSentinel on Ubuntu Server 20.04 aarch64

Postby chrismin13 » 2021.06.02. 13:29


Just wanted to share some info regarding how to run the armv7 binary for HDSentinel on a Raspberry Pi 4 running an armv8 (aarch64 - arm64 - whatever you wanna call it) version of Ubuntu. I was running into the issue where I was getting the error message "-bash: ./hdsentinel-armv7: No such file or directory", even though the file was properly downloaded and with the correct permissions. I solved it in the following way:

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wget https://www.hdsentinel.com/hdslin/hdsentinel-armv7.gz

sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libgcc1-armhf

chmod u+x hdsentinel-armv7
sudo ./hdsentinel-armv7

Hope this helps someone out!
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Re: [SOLVED] Running HDSentinel on Ubuntu Server 20.04 aarch

Postby curiousdude » 2021.07.17. 07:20

Hello, thank you so much for posting this solution. It was exactly what I'm looking for to try and get HDsentinel running on my Synology NAS (which is running arm64/aarch64) But there's a problem.... It has a stripped-down version of Linux, so I can't use the "apt" command. How else am I supposed to install the armhf architecture without the apt commands?
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