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Does the Linux version repair disks too?

PostPosted: 2017.09.12. 02:08
by Doomster
I looked at the Linux version of HDsentinel:

The description shows that it tests the disk and gives information on it.

However, I need a disk utility that tests *and* repairs disks that are in Linux (ext2) format.

Does the Linux version of HDsentinel repair disks that in Linux format?

Re: Does the Linux version repair disks too?

PostPosted: 2017.09.13. 19:22
by hdsentinel
No, I'm afraid the Linux version can only detect and display status of hard disks, SSDs, hybrid drives, industrial memory cards, etc...
but can't perform test(s) to reveal and repair problems.

Disk testing and repairing functionality is available in the Windows version - which runs independently from the current partition / format, so you can repair drive(s) without partitions and with partitions unreadable under Windows (for example Linux ext2 too).