Drive Bender is incorporating Hard Disk Sentinel!

Any ideas, thoughts - not necessary related to Hard Disk Sentinel.

Drive Bender is incorporating Hard Disk Sentinel!

Postby jmone » 2013.02.03. 12:22

Great work HDS! Drive Bender is a drive pooling utility for all versions of Windows that makes all your drives appear as one logical drive. Last year they started to work on SMART reporting but it was waaaay behind that HDS could do and I'm sure many of us Drive Bender users were pushing for them to to speak with HDS about partnering with HDS instead (I certainly was providing logs of what HDS could do VS DB as part of my testing for them!). The good news is they have annouced that an arrangment has been made to use HDS as the SMART engine and offering an upgrade to DB user to upgrade to a full version of HDS. Well done to all - I'm a very happy users of both!
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Re: Drive Bender is incorporating Hard Disk Sentinel!

Postby lauren_kaden » 2019.06.15. 13:26

Drive bender is rating among best utility pogram for drivers, it is compatible with almost every version of windows os,it makes hard disk moniotring easy and generates log and report if there is any issues.
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