Dead hard drive somehow got linked with a 2nd drive

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Dead hard drive somehow got linked with a 2nd drive

Postby Zipgun » 2018.02.25. 05:47

I am in the process of buying your HD Tool and thought I'd ask here as well.

Just had a hard disk failure (Drive 1)a couple of weeks ago various SMART tools showed the dead (Drive 1) drive as having problems and so was kinda expected to fail at some point and it hence was removed that night.

But when booting the next morning got a AHCI Port error for another hard drive (Drive 2) and it seemed dead no matter if in different ports, in a dock and in a external enclosure it would just not mount. But the weird thing is.. When I put the original dead Drive 1 drive back in? I would still get a post error for the dead drive but then Drive 2 would working again as if nothing happened. Diagnostics SMART, Factory disc tools etc showed and still shows Drive 2 as having no problems etc etc. Though if I remove Drive 2 again it would not mount etc.

The 2 drives question are Seagate 3tb barracuda drives that I only used for backup storage at the time there were 6 (3 were seagate) drives drives in PC etc other 4 were not affected.. I did though tried to use a tool called TestDisk to see if I could recover anything but it stalled so I closed it btw the drive I was using for recovery was Drive 2. Could recovery software cause both disks to merge like this? Or what could cause to drives to be slaved to one another?

Its just these 2 drives which seem to be linked somehow again I do not use RAID for this PC etc. Checked power,cables and controller and have no idea, everyone I asked had no clue. I replaced both drives and everything seems back to normal but now kinda of wary of this rig now as I (like most people) hate it when you can't figure something out.

I hope I was clear enough thanks in advance
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Re: Dead hard drive somehow got linked with a 2nd drive

Postby hdsentinel » 2018.02.26. 17:03

Thanks for your message and the information.

Sounds very interesting. Of course if there is no RAID solution, the drives should be never "linked" this way
(and even in RAID configuration, the status of one drive should never affect the other).

Not sure what happened there, but would be nice to investigate.

If possible, please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option in latest Hard Disk Sentinel 5.01.13 when both disk drives connected.
This version can be downloaded directly from:

This way it is possible to check the actual situation, examine the drives, their reported status and check what can be wrong. Maybe related to the disk controller or its driver (which can cause headache but can be fixed by a driver update from the Support -> Driver Zone section).
From the developer report, hopefully I'll see things better and this may give thoughts about what happens.
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