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Is this SSD really dying?

PostPosted: 2018.02.25. 19:27
by Overblod
It's almost a brand new drive, I am not seeing any issues during operation, everything's running smoothly... Any chance it's a glitch, maybe unsupported make model SDD? It's M.2 SSD btw...

Re: Is this SSD really dying?

PostPosted: 2018.02.26. 16:53
by hdsentinel
Thanks for your message and excuse me for the troubles and confusion.

No, I can confirm that the SSD is not dying.
The current version is not yet compatible with this model.
This particular SSD works differently than previous models tested and examined when 5.01 released.
This way it can cause confusion in software (and versions) released before that.

Please check the latest possible 5.01.13 version:
which should show better (100%) health in this case. The graph on the bottom may still show 1% today (as it shows the daily lowest health) but should show 100% from tomorrow.

(in , described that this particular model has updated support first in 5.01.5 version).

Working on finalising the next major version, generally this 5.01.13 version is almost same, just provides advanced compatibility and new functions compared to 5.01.
Just when support of newer SSDs added, it is preferred to check for longer time, to verify and confirm functionality.
If you use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option, this would help development and releasing updated version even more sooner.