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Samsung SSD Health

PostPosted: 2018.04.29. 18:37
by bd1234
Ok, as time passes, the SSD disc health is diminishing. Free space is nearly 40%. What would be causing this? What can I do to fix? Thanks

Re: Samsung SSD Health

PostPosted: 2018.05.02. 10:31
by hdsentinel
The decrease of the health is caused by the actual usage: write to memory cells always cause degradation of the memory cells.
There is no real problem with the SSD, it works completely expected, just we need to know that they may tolerate only limited number of program / erase cycles. Its "percentage used" counter shows the percentage of how the memory cells used - and this is the source of the current health % value (85% used means the health is 15%).

There is no need (and nothing to do) to fix or improve this. If possible, try to minimise the data saved on it (which includes temporary files, swapfile too, not only data files and installed applications).

Re: Samsung SSD Health

PostPosted: 2018.06.22. 10:26
by aheighton
Wow, you are writing to that disk a LOT! 189.2TB is 193740.8GB and on a 250GB disk that's 774 full disk overwrites worth of data, though small writes and disk management often result in writing slightly more than the amount of data you send to the disk, as the controller shuffles data around to improve read and write speed.

The warranty limit on Samsung SSDs used to be 1000 overwrites, so that 774/1000 figure is pretty close to the 85% health that's been "consumed".

There was an article a while back, admittedly on a much older model - the 840 EVO, where someone deliberately wrote their disk to death, basically the disk hit zero on the wear level count about a third of the way into its actual lifetime. 1000 overwrites is the limit where it's guaranteed to continue working, but a lot of the time it's closer to 3000x before actual death.

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