My kingston 120 GB SSD lifetime writes increasing very fast

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My kingston 120 GB SSD lifetime writes increasing very fast

Postby hamadkhan » 2018.11.02. 17:49

I have bought a new Kingston 120 GB SSD in the first week the health dropped to 98% & the total lifetime writes are increasing very fast around 70GB par day. Is it normal? Can anyone explain me what's happening? all I do on pc is watch movies for 4 hours, 3 hours of internet browsing & around only 1 hour of gaming.
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Re: My kingston 120 GB SSD lifetime writes increasing very f

Postby hdsentinel » 2018.11.02. 19:39

No, it is not normal to see 70 GB writes per day during these activities.
I'd recommend to try to examine which can cause the excessive amount of writes and stop it - otherwise the SSD may degrade so fast.
The problem is that if the health goes low because of the writes, you may not receive warranty replacement - as the SSD may "not used properly".
This is why it is important to monitor the amount of writes and the health % (and degradation) to reveal such issues which may otherwise remain unnoticed until things are too late.

Please press CTRL + ALT + DEL and open Task Manager.
In the window, click on "More Details". Click on the "Details" tab to show all running applications and services.
On the header (Name, PID, Status, etc..) right click and then click on "Select columns"
Enable I/O Writes and I/O Write Bytes column to see these information and then watch the list, examine which application(s) may write high amount of data (and where the counter is increasing).

Sometimes antivirus software may perform excessive disk writes during update (and/or during normal operation) - but to keep the SSD healthy, it is important to avoid / minimise this.
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