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Slow Hard Drive But 100% Health?

PostPosted: 2020.04.30. 08:16
by Negiku
Hi everyone,

One of my hard drives have been giving me problems, it is very slow and would make my whole PC freeze a lot even when the particular drive isn't accessed manually. I have tried plugging it into another port and have also tried another sata cable. It always seemed to help at first but the problem always come back at some point. I have important files in it and cannot buy a replacement right now because of the city lock-down. Hard disk sentinel reports that it has 100% health, what could be the problem with this drive? I don't understand much about the screenshots I took, but please take a loot at it for me and tell me if there's anything interesting in them.

Also, I wanna ask if there's a way to disable the drive in Windows 10 while keeping the files? Thanks

Re: Slow Hard Drive But 100% Health?

PostPosted: 2020.04.30. 21:20
by hdsentinel
Please check:

which describes the situation with details. If you'd use newer version of Hard Disk Sentinel, it would automatically show and suggest this in the text description.

As you can read on this page, this issue is not related to the hard disk. Exactly as you can see: changed cables, connections always help - because the issue is related to cables/connections, not the hard disk itself (which is perfect). A new disk drive may produce similar, so you'd need to focus on cables, connections only. Maybe you can clean contacts and try even different SATA cables. See the recommendations also on the bottom of that page for other tips which may help.