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Just purchased family license for HDS Professional

PostPosted: 2020.08.04. 16:58
by bioluminousflux

I just purchased a family license for HDS Professional approximately 20 minutes ago but have not received an e-mail containing my registration information.

How long does it usually take to receive an e-mail with the registration information?

My order number was XXXXX8253

Any help you could provide on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Just purchased family license for HDS Professional

PostPosted: 2020.08.05. 08:53
by hdsentinel

Thanks for selecting Hard Disk Sentinel Pro.

Generally the license code and the details about how to register/activate the software is usually sent immediately during the transaction by our financial partner.

If you did not yet receive it, then maybe the mail arrived to spam/trash folder - or maybe your mail server blocked the message completely. This may happen especially with some addresses like yahoo / hotmail.

Please send a message with the order number to (with your name and original e-mail address used during order) so then I can lookup and send the information.

I checked but from the partial order number and this address, I can't find the details....