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Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Portable

Postby Ndonio » 2021.04.17. 13:43

i am a hobby computer enthusiast and own 4 PC's an a Laptop. I bought the license for HDSentinel Pro, and downloaded the portable version and extracted it on a USB pendrive. I don't need background online monitoring. I just want to plug in the pendrive, control the smart parameters and perform drive tests if necessary on any my computers from time to time. So the Software is used only on my own computers, and only one instance running at a time. Unfortunately, the pendrive only works on the computer on which I entered the licence key. If I put the pendrive in another PC it states it is not registered. Is HDSentinel not considered to be used in this way? Did I do something wrong, or do I need to upgrade to a family license for use in this way?
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Re: Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Portable

Postby hdsentinel » 2021.04.17. 18:21

Thanks for your message and selecting Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable.
Generally things should work 100% exactly as you wrote: when you connect the pendrive to any computer and start HDSentinel.exe, then the portable version should start up.

Please note that only one instance of the software should be running at any given time. It means that if Hard Disk Sentinel installed and running, then if you launch HDSentinel.exe (from the pendrive) then the portable version will NOT start, but you will see the running instance again.
It means that (for example) if you may had the installed version too running, then (when you thought that you register/activate the Portable version), you may registered/activated the installed version instead. This can cause that the portable version itself remain unregistered and when you connect to a different PC, it shows up unregistered.

So please
1) make sure to completely close the running version by File -> Exit before starting the portable version (by starting HDSentinel.exe from the pendrive)
2) download the Portable version
and extract to a new, empty folder on the pendrive. Launch HDSentinel.exe . In the Help -> About box, you can verify that the correct version is running: the word "Portable" should be displayed there.
3) select Help -> Enter registration key option and proceed the registration and activation by entering your name, the registration code and click on the "Register and activate online" button.

Then it should be registered, activated and when you connect to a different PC and launch HDSentinel.exe from the pendrive (assuming that no installed version running) it will start up as registered, activated.

This page can help too: Support -> Q&A Knowledge Base -> Licensing -> How to use Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable?

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Re: Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Portable

Postby Ndonio » 2021.04.17. 19:27

thanks for the quick response and thanks for the tipps. Now it works like expected. I messed it up myself. I had installed the trial version some time ago on the computer that stated unregistered and forgot about it. So when I pluggend the prepared and registered USB pendrive and started the .exe from there, it started the previous installed Version on the PC instead. I deinstalled it and now it works. :)
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