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Problem with Seagate hard drive!!!

PostPosted: 2021.05.12. 11:11
by PristoMiky

I have a problem with Seagate 1TB 2.5 inch hard drive, every time when i start copying data on to this drive he starts with transfer speed about 100MB/s but suddenly from 100MB/s slows down 355KB/s and weak sectors showing up.

Is there any way to fix the hard drive to function normaly?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Problem with Seagate hard drive!!!

PostPosted: 2021.05.12. 11:47
by hdsentinel
Please check the page suggested in the text description of Hard Disk Sentinel:

as it describes what are these weak sectors, how they may appear, what can cause them (usually cables, connections, power source, sudden power failure/reset, generic system instability) and how to fix and avoid them.

You'd need to check/verify all of the above - and then using the Disk menu -> Surface test -> Disk Repair is the best way to improve the situation if the amount of weak/damaged sectors is low.
If the drive reports lots of problems (so low health) then you may need to use Disk menu -> Surface test -> Reinitialise Disk Surface test (when the disk used as secondary hard disk) to stabilize all problems and improve usability.