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HDSentinel v6.01 error 5

Posted: 2022.11.11. 11:30
by C1234
Dear forrum, I use Win Server 2016 ess with multiple SATA Drives all has only one partition. The System is on drive C only, all others are data-HDDs. I am unable to start the surface test read-write-read. I get in all times error 5 (access denied). If I unmount the drive in the Windows-Partition-Manager, I get the same error. If I try the portable version on ct'NotWin (a Windows PE on a stick), The software blocks the import of my hdk-file.
How can I unmount the drive to perform the write-test. Thank you very much! (An please excuse my bad english.)

Re: HDSentinel v6.01 error 5

Posted: 2022.11.14. 11:16
by hdsentinel
The error 5 means that something is still preventing the drive to be locked for exclusive use which is required for the Read+Write+Read test. Not sure, but there is still an open file/folder or something similar which could prevent it.

Yes, in this case, booting from a Live PE Windows is a good idea: you can use Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable under that, to perform the disk testing.
Sorry for the troubles, but yes, the HDK file will surely not work: it is related to a completely different installation. In order to register/activate the Pro Portable version, you'll need to use the 15 digit license code again (not the HDK file).
Personally I recommend to prepare, register, activate Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable before booting from that live Windows.

Please refer to:

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