UPS to condition the power

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UPS to condition the power

Postby ZaP » 2018.01.04. 00:10

I'd like your opinion on this and it may also help others as well.

Years ago I went out and bought a UPS that had a nice feature that conditioned the AC stream as it monitored. If it dropped below or exceeded some factory thresholds it would automatically kick in the battery briefly until levels normalized. Prior to moving to a new location that UPS was kicking on almost daily.

Prior to this I was often replacing parts. After the UPS my small home email server and firewall ran for fifteen years without fail. I finally ended up donating it still working.

Since that experience I keep several UPS's that condition for all my systems at home with the belief or theory that I can greatly extend the life of my hardware.

I also tweak my cases for even distribution of cooling and create positive air pressure with the fans so I can put external filters on them so I never have to clean the computers. Every two years I also apply new thermal paste.

Am I being excessive or am I extending the live as I theorize?
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Re: UPS to condition the power

Postby hdsentinel » 2018.01.04. 11:30

Thanks for your message and the information, yes, I'm sure this would help other users as well.

Everything you wrote is EXCELLENT, shows greatly what we can do in general to increase lifetime of our devices.

There can be lots of issues with the power line: electrical noise, over/under voltage, power spikes etc. all affect the operation of the power supply - which can drive the problem to the connected PC components.
Even expensive PC power supplies may be not able to filter these out - but a good UPS can do this and provide "good" power source for our devices.
Without such UPS, yes, for example the over-voltage can damage motherboard, CPU, storage devices or even other components.

Also yes, the temperature is a key point: if we keep our devices at lower temperature, this would greatly extend how long we can use them.

Many times the operating environment (which includes the power source, temperature, dust, vibration, shock, etc...) can cause damages and shorten lifetime - and we can avoid these, we did lots to extend lifetime.

Thanks for sharing, I'm sure your recommendations are helpful for other users too! ;)
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Re: UPS to condition the power

Postby rutuja » 2019.03.12. 09:19

There can be heaps of issues with the electrical cable: electrical clamor, over/under voltage, control spikes and so on all influence the task of the power supply - which can drive the issue to the associated PC segments.

Indeed, even costly PC control supplies might be not ready to channel these out - but rather a decent UPS can do this and give "great" control hotspot for our gadgets.

Without such UPS, truly, for instance, the over-voltage can harm motherboard, CPU, stockpiling gadgets or even different segments.

Likewise truly, the temperature is a key point: on the off chance that we keep our gadgets at a lower temperature, this would extraordinarily broaden to what extent we can utilize them.
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Re: UPS to condition the power

Postby tired » 2019.05.14. 00:11

Whether the fans are mounted at an entry point or exit point of the case, dust/dirt will enter. The only thing that will prevent this is clean air or a filter. It's not like having positive air pressure somehow cleans the air being forced into the case. And in any case (pun not really intended!), the amount of difference in air pressure with these weak fans (they're all weak in the grand scheme of things), no matter how they are installed, is minuscule.
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