Strange speed of a brand new internal SATA III drive

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Strange speed of a brand new internal SATA III drive

Postby Elephantino » 2020.05.16. 18:29


first many thanks for a great piece of software, it save me couple of data losses (and didnt prevent one, but that was my fault and that is just life :-) ).

And please allow me a question. A just have bought a brand new internal 3.5 sata hdd Seagate Exos 7E8 6TB 7200 rpm. I ran the "Reinitialize disk surface" test and was surprised, how slow it was, see pictures:



Which is only a very little faster (36 MB/s versus 28 MB/s), than a USB 3.0 drive (2 TB, probably 5400 rpm), see here:



Is normal, that the reinitialization goes that slow, and in fact regardless of whether the drive is connected internally via SATA or externally via USB?

Thank you for any tip
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Re: Strange speed of a brand new internal SATA III drive

Postby hdsentinel » 2020.05.18. 10:49

Yes, generally the Reinitialise Disk Surface test is a very intensive testing method, performing multiple overwrite passes and verification of each sectors.
This test usually take about 4-5 times more time than a simple read test.

Yes, the new hard disk is faster than the previous 2 TB model: in a simple read test, the speed difference would be more noticeable but as the Reinitialise Disk Surface test performs more operation on each sectors, the difference seems smaller.

For most hard disks, USB 3.0 is not really a limiting factor in performance so yes, there may be no real difference if you'd connect by USB 3.0 or connect on internal SATA 6G port.

A tip: on the Information page for your hard disks, you may see a value "Extended self test estimated time" which provided by the manufacturer to indicate the approximate duration of a complete read test. The Reinitialise disk surface test usually takes 4-5 x more time.
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