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Help after report

Postby turkeypets » 2022.09.25. 05:50

I been having a problem with my C drive after reinstalling Windows. I have had the problem for almost a week when i run chkdsk it freezes at 25% or 26% stage 5. I have been turning my computer off manually a bunch of times the past few weeks because im having graphics problems, probably a card going bad or dorrupted driver, and it has been crashing my computer. I havent been having the problem lately but now have the chkdsk freeze problem.
I really dont know what im doing and need some help on what to do now.
The report says 1 bad sector on the disk surface.
The contents of this sector were moved to the spare area.
There are 2 weak sectors found on the disk surface.
They may be remapped any time in the later use of the disk.
111 errors occured during data transfer.
Problems occured between the communication of disk and the host 194 times.
Health is 97%
I ran the short self test.
I didnt run any repairs yet, i dont know which one to run.
Can i save this disk? Will i be able to run a full complete Windows chkdsk again in the future?
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Re: Help after report

Postby hdsentinel » 2022.09.26. 10:36

Please check the link which probably displayed in the text description if weak sectors reported (unless you may have very old version of Hard Disk Sentinel):

which describes clearly that

- chkdsk will NOT help as it will NOT repair the disk drive at all. It designed to attempt to fix the logical partition - but if the drive may have physical problems, it can make things even worse (this is why data recovery companies never recommend chkdsk if there can be any problem with the drive itself)

- these problems are very frequently caused by cables, connections. The fact that communication errors are also reported can confirm that too.

- the Disk menu -> Surface test -> Disk Repair test can be used to repair such problems and stabilize, repair the disk drive (if possible). It will automatically reveal possible other problems (for example on less frequently used areas) and fix them too.

Probably the SATA data cable and/or the power cable does not fit properly and the drive may not responding during any reads/writes (this is why chkdsk can stuck also).
So I recommend to verify the cables first, maybe try to replace the SATA cable if possible and only THEN attempt any kind of repairing - otherwise you'll surely see more and more problems (and can degrade the disk drive too).
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