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Upgrade from 5.40 Pro to 5.50 Pro

PostPosted: 2019.09.27. 21:15
by NoOnions

Is there an upgrade path from 5.40 Pro to 5.50 Pro please, or do I just buy the new version (excellent value anyway!)?

I'm thinking about getting the family version anyhow, so the above might be a moot point!



Re: Upgrade from 5.40 Pro to 5.50 Pro

PostPosted: 2019.09.28. 07:58
by hdsentinel

If you ordered license (so you have a license code) for Hard Disk Sentinel Pro, then you can any time use the File menu -> Check for new version now option to automatically update to latest version. This would now update to the current latest (5.50) as the license generally allows lifetime use and lifetime free updates.

Yes of course, if you you prefer to upgrade to Pro Family license, it is also possible by the difference, no need to order again at complete price of course.
Please send an e-mail to info (at) hdsentinel (dot) com with the current license code you have and I'll send back the details.