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Email Alerts, how create rules of smart

PostPosted: 2019.11.09. 14:26
by Technolife
Hi guys, i a intern of a companie and he's make me a study for this program of implant in many servers.
But we need a e-mail configuration for erros or triggers , but i dont find a way for create him's
I know the basic for send email when a health is low or disk is almost full.

But i want know a way for send alert's when a click of death occurs or a error smart occours/change (ex: 174 : Unexpected Power loss count).

It's possible ? we need's create a predictive/preventive maintenancefor safe decisions for the data clients.
thx, have a good day for all :D

Re: Email Alerts, how create rules of smart

PostPosted: 2019.11.11. 14:34
by hdsentinel
Thanks for your message and question.

Generally on Configuration -> Alerts page, you can enable to receive alert "When a new log entry is added", so when a new problem detected with the disk drive and added to the "Log" page of the appropriate disk.
This designed exactly to receive notification when the disk status changes even a bit (long before low health threshold reached).
This includes (for example) bad sectors, weak sectors, spin up problems, data communication issues and so, generally the most important factors which can cause degradations.

However, this does not include "174 Unexpected power loss count".
If you prefer, you can any time create a 3rd party solution: by using the status information detected and provided by Hard Disk Sentinel, it is possible to create any tool/script to process the detected information, for example to issue an alert, log the values and so.

Please check the

pages for details about how to process disk status information (detected by Hard Disk Sentinel).

Re: Email Alerts, how create rules of smart

PostPosted: 2019.11.12. 23:16
by Technolife
ow it's very interesting, i will check this way, if you have more questions I will come back here.
Thank you very much :)