Hard Drive showing with Google Drive

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Hard Drive showing with Google Drive

Postby imawheel » 2021.07.26. 21:16


Under 'Disk 0' it is showing my new 4TB hard drive and my Google Drive (which is stored on a completely separate drive that the operating system is on).

I'm not sure why these are showing together and it wouldn't be a problem but I was planning on running a destructive 'write and read' test and as both drive letters (the 4TB HD and Google Drive) are showing under 'Disk' I am a bit worried that it might write over the contents of my Google Drive too, which I don't want to happen.

Any ideas why it's doing this and how I can separate them or ignore the Google Drive?

Thank you.
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Re: Hard Drive showing with Google Drive

Postby hdsentinel » 2021.07.27. 10:46

Yes, long time noticed that when Hard Disk Sentinel enumerates the logical drives in the system, somehow the Google drive shows itself as if it would be associated to physical Disk #0.
Of course this is not true, as this drive is completely independent from the actual Disk #0. I can confirm that any disk test (read/write test or so) affects only the real physical disk drive (not the Google drive).

When it's noticed (years ago) an update released, so then it should be no longer displayed there.

Not sure, but maybe you have an older version. If so, please update to latest 5.70 to be sure.

If you see similar with the latest version, please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option as then I can check the situation and make update to avoid similar.
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