End to End error count exceeded. Health 80%

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End to End error count exceeded. Health 80%

Postby lamhay101 » 2013.02.28. 10:29

can any 1 help me abt this problem.
Pic is attached
ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 28 13.26.jpg
end to end error count exceeded
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Re: End to End error count exceeded. Health 80%

Postby alan-0000 » 2013.03.01. 11:59

Numbers are always nice.

You failed to show the complete numbers under the Data column on the right.
If you try again with complete information it might improve ease and accuracy of diagnosis.
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Re: End to End error count exceeded. Health 80%

Postby hdsentinel » 2013.03.01. 20:11

In most cases, this issue is related to the internal cache memory of the hard disk: the data got corrupted when it read back from the disk surface because of an issue which is independent from the disk surface itself (so there are no bad sectors, no surface / head problems).

However, in some cases it may point on issues with the data cable, as this may cause communication problems.
Some other attributes (187 and 199) may also confirm this - as they record different communication problems. As Alan-0000 wrote, the actual numbers in the DATA field not really visible, but it seems this is the case. I suspect the text description on the Overview page also shows communication problems.

I'd recommend to check http://www.hdsentinel.com/hard_disk_case_communication_error.php
for more information about this situation.
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