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New tray icon: real time disk usage

PostPosted: 2008.11.11. 13:53
by hdsentinel
Version 2.70 (and latest beta, 2.60b) automatically displays a new icon on the tray next to hard disk temperature(s).
It is a hard disk by default but read and write operations reveal different bars on this icon: a light blue bar reflects how the read usage increases and an orange bar reflects the write usage of the disk.
Moving the mouse over the icon displays statistics (total read/written data and current read/write speed)


This feature can be used to determine if a disk is highly used (for example, in a server) or to verify drive performance when moving files between different hard disks.

If this function is not required and you want to disable this feature, please do the following:
- right click on the tray icon and select "Configuration"
- in the window, please select "Hard Disk Drives" page (it is the default)
- uncheck "Display total disk usage on a single tray icon" option (last one)

After pressing "OK", the icon will disappear.

Please let me know any ideas or thoughts about this feature.