Device connected/disconnected window disappeared

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Device connected/disconnected window disappeared

Postby Earthkeeper » 2020.11.18. 15:02

Normally when I connect an external HDD, a popup window will appear shortly stated that a device has been connected/disconnected. However, after I played a game that automatically changed my screen resolution from 1080p to 480p, and back after the closing of the game, all opened windows of my PC got rearranged. I can fix all the other windows, but not the popup window of HDD Sentinel. Now it appears partially at the lower-right corner of my screen. How do I get it back to the normal place (lower middle) without reinstalling?
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Re: Device connected/disconnected window disappeared

Postby hdsentinel » 2020.11.19. 10:03

Not really sure if I understand the situation ...
Do you mean the main window of Hard Disk Sentinel which displays all physical/logical hard disk drives and their status/health information?

Generally Hard Disk Sentinel automatically saves the last window size/position where its main window displayed, exactly to display it again at the same position/size next time.
Of course you do not need to uninstall (and uninstall would even not help as it keeps the settings, exactly to allow reinstallation/update this way): just drag the window and move to the desired position/location. Then Hard Disk Sentinel will be then displayed there.

Or in worst case, to restore the default settings (and reset the window position) please just
- completely close Hard Disk Sentinel by File -> Exit
- delete the file HDSentinel.ini from the folder of the sofware ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Hard Disk Sentinel )
and then, when you start Hard Disk Sentinel again, it will be displayed in the default position.

If you mean something else, different kind of "popup window" or so, I'd suggest to please send an image/screenshot to info @ hdsentinel . com
as then it is possible to check and advise.
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Re: Device connected/disconnected window disappeared

Postby Earthkeeper » 2020.11.19. 11:34

Oops. Maybe it's not HD Sentinel related. I thought it was b/c it's the only HDD related software that is running. But I just realized that it may be the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software. The popup is greenish in color and only appears for about 2 seconds. Sorry for the unrelated trouble.
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