Event Viewer warning

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Event Viewer warning

Postby cholla » 2022.05.25. 17:43

@ hdsentinel,
I have had this software for many years.
I have a lifetime Hard Disk Sentinel Professional v6.01 .
I did some testing for you with an old Windows 98 SE that you were not sure it would work.
It did.

Now for the problem:
I'm using Windows 7 32.bit
Event viewer warning Event ID 866
This is the warning message:
Access to C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Hard Disk Sentinel\hds_control_remove.vbs has been restricted by your Administrator by location with policy rule {b8ef7a6f-1916-45b5-ad08-6cf83al2d35e} placed on path C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\*\*.vbs.

I have tried the Security on the folder & file as Administrator & User accounts with full control.
This only started when I set HD Sentinel to "Load with Windows".

I wanted to monitor the HDD temperatures from the start.
This is because my CPU temperatures were running high.
So I decided to monitor both.
I found the problem for the overheating but decided to leave HD Sentinal tray temps on.

My question is : What setting do I make to give HD Sentinel the correct permissions to access hds_control_remove.vbs ?
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Re: Event Viewer warning

Postby hdsentinel » 2022.05.30. 12:47

Thanks for your message. Sorry for the possible troubles, but not really sure if it's related to Hard Disk Sentinel at all: I double checked on different Windows 7 systems but never see any similar events in Windows Event log.
Not sure, but probably some third party application (maybe your antivirus or similar?) set a very strict policy which prevents launching from VBS files from certain folders.
I see no reason for that - as it is a common practice to perform different actions (for example interact with the Windows Scheduler now).

This forum can help about how to remove this software restriction policy:
(scroll down to REGEDIT section)

Anyway, you may try to open Configuration -> Preferences and disable the "Load with Windows" option in Hard Disk Sentinel to prevent using these VBS files to interact with the Windows Scheduler and then manually create a scheduled task into Windows Scheduler which will launch Hard Disk Sentinel - so then it will be launched but without the VBS files.
Please check


Please scroll down to "How to fix Hard Disk Sentinel startup problem, how to manually create an entry to start it automatically with Windows" section.
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Re: Event Viewer warning

Postby cholla » 2022.05.31. 18:04

The problem was caused by my anti ransomeware software CryptoPrevent.

I found this from your suggestion & link:
In that topic I found this:
It had many entries for CryptoPrevent.
I didn't find the one specific to HDS.
So I checked the CryptoPrevent GUI.
I added hds_control_remove.vbs to the white list.
This solved the Event Viewer warning.

So all is working correctly now.

I did not try the Windows Scheduler method because I did not need to.
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