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Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2018.08.04. 11:44
by Timeo
I have always used sentinel hard disk on windows 7 then I installed Windows 10 and the temperature icons are not displayed in the icon tray. I tried to reinstall but nothing does not work icon tray in windows 10.mi you can help. thanks

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2018.08.04. 12:22
by hdsentinel
Thanks for your message and sorry for the troubles.

However, I can confirm that there is no problem with the tray icons under Windows 10, they work exactly as should.
Windows 10 hides all icons, so you may need to enable them to be displayed - but it is generic difference between Windows 7 and 10.

Not sure which version you installed under Windows 10. If older, please install the latest 5.30 version, which has some additional improvements in this field compared to older versions.

If the icon is missing it all (so you can't even select in Windows 10 to be displayed while you may see other tray icons of other tools) then the tray icon is likely disabled in Hard Disk Sentinel. Please check the Configuration -> Hard Disk Drives page, where you can enable which drive should have tray icon displayed by double-click on the drives.

If you still encounter troubles, please send screenshot about the tray icon area and the Configuration -> Hard Disk Drives page with the latest Hard Disk Sentinel 5.30 version to info (at ) hdsentinel (dot) com address, so I can check what may happen on your system.

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2018.08.06. 17:05
by Timeo
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I tried all and does not work I think it is a problem of Windows 10. I also tried in other PCs with Windows 10 and it does not work. My version of Windows 10 is the 1709, HDS is the 5.30, I know well how to display icons in the tray bar and I know Windows well, I put some photos. I think it is a problem to boot Windows 10 because once you start HDS the icons with the temperature you see

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2018.08.06. 18:40
by hdsentinel
Thanks for the images.
I double checked on different Windows 10 systems - but see no problems at all: the tray icons always display properly.
Also from the images, I also see that the temperature icons are displayed too, so I see no issues with the tray icons on your system too.

Not sure, but maybe your problem is that Windows does not start Hard Disk Sentinel itself - and you need to manually launch the software.
Do you log in with the same user who installed the software (who has admin rights) and the option Configuration -> Preferences -> Load with Windows option enabled?

Sometimes when Windows Scheduler is corrupted/damaged, it is possible that Windows does not start the software even if the above is true.
This is completely independent from Hard Disk Sentinel and the tray icons - but yes, sometimes may happen.

Please check this topic:
which describes this with details and gives information about what to do - and how to improve the situation by manually creating a scheduled task which starts Hard Disk Sentinel after user logon.

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2019.08.15. 10:28
by voyager62
I was just going to post the same problem. I can confirm that there has been an ongoing bug, at least in the last few versions. I don't lose all the icons at one time. On my system a few will disappear at a time. Even though I keep re-enabling them in the settings, the same ones will disappear on the next boot. To fix it, at least for a little while, I was deleting the HDSentinel.ini file, but had to set all my option over again. Recently I've found a much easier fix. Simply shutdown HD Sentinel, open the HDSentinel.ini in a text editor and delete the drives with the disappearing icons from the entry below. The icons will reappear automatically on the next startup of HD Sentinel.

StatusWin="Micron_1100_MTFDDAK2T0TBN*17161B3BFA21*M0MU031","WD My Passport 25E2*25E2WXF1E38E5USU*4005","Micron_1100_MTFDDAK2T0TBN*17161B3BFA21*M0MU033","WDC WD10EZEX-60WN4A0*WD-WCC6Y1ZXE9VH*01.01A01","WDC WD40NMZW-59GX6S1*WD-WXF1E38E5USU*01.01A01","WDC WD40NMZW-11GX6S1*WD-WX41D48AENRN*01.01A01","ST5000DM000-1FK178*W4J0THTC*CC48","WDC WD40EFRX-68N32N0*WD-WCC7K5FLC3HC*82.00A82","WDC WD40EZRZ-00GXCB0*WD-WCC7K6TNXVR6*80.00A80","ST4000DM004-2CV104*ZFN0DR10*0001","ST4000DM000-1F2168*S300SNC2*CC54","ST4000DM000-1F2168*Z301ST5K*CC54"

It works pretty well. The disappearances seem to correlate to HD Sentinel crashing, a Windows BSOD and possibly the weekly Windows Preview build install. I'm not sure yet. I haven't had the time to thoroughly investigate.

I hope this helps in with your problem.

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2019.08.15. 12:33
by hdsentinel
Hi Voyager62,

Sorry, but I do not really know any (especially "ongoing") bug you mentioned....
Never found any issues - and if you found something which may happen and can be reproduced, please let me know - as it would be nice to investigate.

I can confirm that there is no bug there. Hard Disk Sentinel displays the tray icon(s) for a particular drive automatically if it provides a valid temperature value. If this is missing, then yes, the tray icon is not displayed. So would be nice to check
- which of your drive affected
- why the value is missing and what cause this - as it is likely related to something else, not the software.

As I could not reproduce, please try to

- use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option when you see any tray icon missing. You may also send the HDSentinel.ini file too (to info at hdsentinel dot com) after you close the software completely, just to check what saved, recorded for that particular drive.

- then make the modification you mentioned and restart the software (to make the icon visible again). Then please send a new developer report similarly with a new INI file saved after closing completely again.

This way I can examine possible changes, verify what happened, compare the status detected (and the INI files). This would give thoughts about what caused (maybe related to the drive or the disk controller or Windows update or can be lots of other things, probably completely independent from Hard Disk Sentinel) and what could be done to prevent it or make things better.

But without checking, investigating, I'm afraid I can't really do anything else, as I see no issue at all....

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2019.08.15. 12:53
by voyager62
Okay, will do next time it happens. There isn't any problem when the icons are displayed, it's just that sometimes they wouldn't stay checked for some reason in the settings and after every reboot would disappear for the same drives.

Re: Problems icon tray on windows 10

PostPosted: 2019.08.15. 14:27
by hdsentinel
> for some reason in the settings

The reason is that the temperature information is missing, not provided by the disk drive (or the disk controller).
This is what would be nice to check, what causes this - and comparing both the detected information and the settings saved in the "bad" and "good" states may reveal what caused the trouble.

Yes, hopefully from that, we can see things better and can add extra protection against such situation.