Send email via gmail using SSL broken

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Send email via gmail using SSL broken

Postby mytamhuyet » 2019.02.13. 12:08

I purchased Hard Disk Sentinel to use the email notification option.
I have configured it and using SSL on google is not working or works sporadically.
If I click the 'Mail Test' button I see a popup appear:

Mail Test
Error while sending test mail. Please verify the e-mail configuration.
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Re: Send email via gmail using SSL broken

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.02.13. 12:31

Thanks for your message and sorry for the possible troubles.
Not sure about the version do you use, but I suspect it's the latest (5.30)?
I'm 100% sure no, there are no problems with the e-mail sending, it is not broken of course (personally I use daily with gmail with no problems).

As the software suggests, "Please verify the e-mail configuration." first, just to ensure that all settings are correct:

Sender name: your name (or can be generally anything to identify your system to you)
Sender e-mail: your e-mail address
SMTP server:
Recipient e-mail: your e-mail address
Username: your e-mail address
Password: your e-mail password
Enable Use SSL option and specify port 465 (or 587)

for more information about proper, working e-mail configuration.

Also please note that gmail may BLOCK e-mail sending by default from third party applications by default.

for more information about it.

As you can see, there are several topics available on this forum (just search for gmail), no need to post new ;)

In worst case, it is possible that your firewall may block connection too.
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