SSDPEK1W060GA disk does not see

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SSDPEK1W060GA disk does not see

Postby Kosta » 2019.03.23. 09:54

Starting from version 5.30.6 and further, my INTEL SSDPEK1W060GA disk does not see
(Intel (R) NVMe Controller (PCI \ CC_010802) [VEN: 8086, DEV: 2522] Version:, 2-27-2019)

v5.30.4 is the only one that sees my disk (smart, temperature, disk status, ...)

v5.40 alas, also does not understand intel
Please help.
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Re: SSDPEK1W060GA disk does not see

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.03.24. 12:16


Thanks for your message and sorry for the possible troubles.

Sounds so interesting. Generally that model is properly supported, personally I use it without issues and constantly monitored by latest 5.40 version.

Please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option. This way it is possible to check the issue on your particular system and improve the situation quickly in the following update.

May I ask why you waited so long? 5.30.6 version released in January. The purpose of releasing betas and allowing time (more than two months in this case) exactly to verify the situations, reveal any possible weird issues long before releasing the next non-beta version (5.40 in this case). So if you'd report previously - then this could be avoided.
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