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send email with HDS v5.60

PostPosted: 2020.02.14. 13:34

I have HD-Sentinel configured to send me email notifications using a local mailserver. With HDS v5.50 this was working fine. After the Update to HDS v5.60 this handling broke, HDS now reports "Socket Error" upon sending (with the "test mail" function as well).

If I disable SSL/TLS/STARTTLS, sending again works without error.

I suspect the cause to be that I have entered an IP for a mail server, not a name. HDS can thus only check the server certificate for structural validity, but not for matching server name. Is such a check new in v5.60 vs. v5.50?


Re: send email with HDS v5.60

PostPosted: 2020.02.14. 14:34
by hdsentinel
Thanks for your message and sorry for the possible troubles.
However, I can confirm that no, there is no additional check and there is no bug here, but may be the opposite: things are more secure due to the updated network engine.

As you may see on the Update page ( ) Hard Disk Sentinel version 5.60 has a completely new, updated network engine. Many users asked to update it to make things more secure and support TLS 1.2 (while the previous version did not yet support it).

Because of this change, yes, I expected some changes in the operation (which may be related to the more secure network layer) and exactly to verify the operation, did extensive testing for months to verify if there may be anything problematic.

Note: this new network layer added in version 5.50.5 first, see the revision
"- completely updated network engine, using TLS 1.2 protocol when sending e-mails"
which released on 9 Oct 2019 (4 months ago).

As the testing here and by other users revealed no issues, it was time to release in the next non-beta version 5.60 too.