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New hard disk

PostPosted: 2020.07.31. 07:05
by cookietran
Hi Hard Disk Sentinel Team. Merry Christmast and Happy New year. Maybe you remember me. I send you a disk report and it aparently in perfect state i perform your test and the bios test. But that disk previously hits on the ground and that "health" was aparetnly now that disk have 4 days of life. I backup my info, lost some files and no use that disk anymore, now i have a new terabite hard disk i realice 4 partitions 1 for system another for games another more for backup of games (are very heavy to download) and another to data. I see some people says Windows 10 trash hd because do many wirtes. I read in forums 100% hard disk issue. I know if i desactivate some services I can preserve more my hard disk. I know disable prefetching and another things. I know somepeople disable Windows search i have a 4 core procesor and 4 GB RAM integrated graphics Intel. Windows 10 x64 when i start my pc it stays 100% hardisk for 3 or 4 minutes. I defrag my hd and perform test. Everything ok but i like to preserve more that hd and I want some tips. Thanks you for that. I wait your answers. I want to make changes at system level not hardware level, but every tip are good for me. And thanks for your support