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raid support of marvell

PostPosted: 2015.01.18. 15:22
by mwoe
Hi there.
Does this software also work with raid functionality for marvell 9230 based cards?

Re: raid support of marvell

PostPosted: 2015.01.19. 12:38
by hdsentinel
Hi Mwoe,

Currently, in the latest version only partially if Marvell 9230 used:
- standalone hard disks / SSDs are completely detected
- in Hyperduo cached configuration the hard disk status can be detected
- in RAID configuration, no status information can be detected

Currently researching this controller and working on making complete support for that, so its full support will be hopefully available soon ;)

Re: raid support of marvell

PostPosted: 2015.01.19. 13:01
by mwoe
Thanks for the info.
Now thinking about buying a dawicontrol DC-600. It uses the 9128 marvell chip.

Re: raid support of marvell

PostPosted: 2015.01.19. 16:32
by hdsentinel
That will also not allow disk monitoring with the current version (maybe with a future version).

If you prefer to have a good but simple SATA 6G RAID controller, you may consider using HighPoint 620 / 622 models. Interesting that these are also based on the same Marvell 91xx chip but because they have HighPoint firmware and drivers, Hard Disk Sentinel will be able to properly detect and display the status of the drives, even if they are configured to RAID arrays - as HighPoint RAID controllers are already supported.

Re: raid support of marvell

PostPosted: 2016.12.20. 08:27
by stormal
The non-RAID Marvell 88SE9215 chipset works well with HD Sentinal. Likely because it's non-RAID. The support issue with Marvell chipsets appears to be with RAID support. Disks as singles (IDE or AHCI) are apparently supported on Marvell controllers. I have two 4-port Marvell 9230 cards and am curious about HD Sentinal support. I also have a spare 2-port Marvell 9128 and several spare Marvell 9130 cards. Are these cards also supported in their non-RAID configurations?

Re: raid support of marvell

PostPosted: 2016.12.20. 10:37
by hdsentinel
In non-RAID configurations, yes, there should be no problems with Marvell cards at all.
Just it may be better to use Windows "Standard AHCI Compatible controller" driver instead of Marvell driver in this case, sometimes (depending on card firmware) this may better than Marvell drivers. Especially if SSD is connected and used, as Marvell drivers usually do not support TRIM function (as described at )

With RAID configurations, Marvell 9230 should work: by that, Hard Disk Sentinel can detect and display complete disk status in RAID configuration too (and with non-RAID configuration of course).
RAID detection is working only with 9230: other 91xx cards do not have the required functions for this.