Samsung SM825 SSD

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Samsung SM825 SSD

Postby bash » 2016.01.07. 23:39

I have 3 of these I received for testing. Initial load has 1% health on all 3 drives. To keep the initial post somewhat readable I will only post info on the first disk as all three are showing the same behavior.

I ran an initial surface test on the drive and it found bad sectors.


I then attempted to run a reinitialize disk surface test on the drive but I cancelled it at 10% due to a test speed of 1.37mb/s. I then posted in another thread about the issue but I think it would be best to create my own thread re: this issue.

I then decided to delete the partition and reformat the drive in windows to see if the drive has some faulty format or partitioning.
After that I ran a read test and also a read+write destructive test.

Read Surface

Write Test Surface

So now the drive seems fine after deleting partition and creating new with format. So I figured maybe I could run the Reinitialize test and all would be ok.....

Same thing 1.37mb/s test speed.
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Re: Samsung SM825 SSD

Postby hdsentinel » 2016.01.10. 15:56

In the other thread, I recommended to try the Disk menu -> Surface test -> Write test on the device(s).
As this performs only single pass overwrite, it should be much faster than the Reinitialise Disk Surface test, so should complete much faster.
Did you try that test? While the Reinitialise Disk Surface test is the best one to force the SSD to re-write the sectors (repair the blocks previously reported as bad), maybe the "simpler" write test is enough.

Personally I'd more recommend the write test in Hard Disk Sentinel than the format. Not only because the write test verifies the complete data area (not only the partition you actually perform the format) but as it checks the status, possible changes, monitors and displays the actual speed, it may show problems, slower areas.

Personally I'd perform the write test, then a read test (just to be sure, to confirm that there are no red blocks) and if both tests show no problems, I'd format. Then the quick format is completely enough, as by the tests previously started, you already verified, repaired - and then a read test confirmed that the status is stable.
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Re: Samsung SM825 SSD

Postby aricamartin » 2018.11.24. 05:39

I am getting the issue in Samsung SM825 SSD and also getting the error code 0x3e9(1001) in my system. I also try on fix error code 0x3e9(1001) for the help purpose but did not get any response.
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