Intel Integrated RAID Module

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Intel Integrated RAID Module

Postby SergDzotov » 2017.11.23. 12:21

What about Intel Integrated RAID Module support? Intel Integrated RAID Module based on LSI controllers. For example
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Re: Intel Integrated RAID Module

Postby hdsentinel » 2017.11.23. 15:36

Thanks for your message and question.

Yes, generally there should be no problems with Intel SAS RAID controllers. Yes, as you wrote they are based on LSI chipset and technically the detection should work with them.

As you may see on the Compatibility page:
there are different Intel controllers tested and displayed as compatible (eg. from RS2... and SRCSAS.... series).

I suspect the controller you wrote should work too.
I recommend to try with the latest possible 5.01.9b version
( )
as it has some generic changes/improvements in some special combinations of arrays/disks/SAS enclosures.

And if you see partial / missing status, I'd recommend to use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option, as then it is possible to check the actual situation. Such reports always help to confirm if things working (and if there is anything possible to improve/optimize) but if something is not correct, the developer report helps to check what can be wrong.
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