Is this dock compatible?

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Is this dock compatible?

Postby IOerror » 2018.12.11. 14:11

Can't find a model number, is this one:

Can't find any Inateck devices on the compatibility list but thing is this unit looks exactly like the Delock dock which I can't find for sale anywhere:

Is the Inateck just a rebranded Delock? could it work?

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Re: Is this dock compatible?

Postby hdsentinel » 2018.12.14. 09:26

Thanks for the message and question!

Without knowing the "internals", the chipset used in the enclosure, hard to say anything for 100% sure...

In theory, should work, but can't say anything for sure, as some chipsets may have limited functionality.

Personally I use the following dual drive docks (with copy function). All of them work properly in Hard Disk Sentinel, both drives detected and their complete status (health, temperature) displayed:

StarTech SDOCK2U313R

But (for example) a different SKY 16TB dual dock does NOT work. It has same chipset as EWENT EW7014 but different firmware version which does not allow detection of the disk status information.

Generally the compatibility page:
shows list of models (look for "dual" or 2xSata or similar devices) tested here or by users.

Personally I'd ask the manufacturer, as hopefully they can quickly check with the latest Hard Disk Sentinel Pro (even the trial) and confirm.
And if things may not work, they can assist about different model (which would support the detection) or offer firmware update.

Of course if there is any other we can do (for example if the dock may require special detection method), I'd be happy to add support for Hard Disk Sentinel Pro with high priority - as the goal is exactly to allow us to check, monitor status in all possible ways.
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