Great Program but questions

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Great Program but questions

Postby AndreL » 2011.10.17. 22:38

Its giving me this and I did a search on it and you said to Help > Appendix > Temp but the current ver. does not have an Appendix in Help.
I read how to calibrate drive but I'm not clear on getting another device to get the temp, could I use boot into the bios but isn't that a hard way to get SMATs temp and HD Sen does that any way. Where can I get a laser thermometer, also how much are they and where can I get one. Also thank for the info on Hitachi and WD being off on temp with their HDs.
Also how can I tell if my system has the laser HD temp feature
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Re: Great Program but questions

Postby hdsentinel » 2011.10.18. 09:05

Thanks for your message.
Do you use the latest version? The "Appendix" should be on the left side of the help window if you click Help menu -> Help (or press F1).
The complete help is available online at , search the bottom left area for Appendix (and Temperature Calibration under that).

If you prefer to check the temperature with an independent device, you may use an "infrared thermometer". They're usually available in bigger stores, sometimes in pharmacies, just make sure the operating range should be between at least 0-80 Celsius (some of such thermometers are used to check fever and works in a small temperature range around human body temperature).

An other (easier) way is to just use a room / office thermometer:

Note: if the calibration is not possible (the computer chassis cannot be opened), an estimated offset value can be determined by checking the first displayed temperature immediately after starting the computer and comparing the value with the environment (room, office) temperature. At this time, the CPU, video card or other components are not too warm and they do not affect the temperature of the hard disk. Of course this is true only if the computer had enough time to cool down to the environment temperature (it was not powered off for at least 8 hours).

(this is described as-is in the Appendix -> Temperature calibration field).
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Re: Great Program but questions

Postby celavey » 2012.10.30. 03:12

Just installed the latest version and it was fixed. Thanks a lot.
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