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Is WDS100T2B0A SSD supported?

PostPosted: 2019.08.27. 07:39
by shegeek72
Just installed a new Western digital WDS100T2B0A SSD and HD monitoring says health is 1% though WD SSD dashboard reports health is normal.

Re: Is WDS100T2B0A SSD supported?

PostPosted: 2019.08.27. 14:50
by hdsentinel
Yes of course, it is completely supported.

Just not in a very old version you have. For a new SSD -> please use the newest version.
Older versions (released before a particular model) may not able to know/interpret the status of the device, so it is completely normal and expected that it may not able to show correct status.

On the image, we can see that you have version 5.01, released long before this model.
Please update to latest version by the automatic update from File menu. The health % should be better immediately. The graph on the bottom today still shows the low value (as it shows the daily lowest health) but from tomorrow, it should increase back as well.