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HighPoint RocketRaid 3520

PostPosted: 2019.12.20. 05:47
by dancingpelican
I was wondering if this card is supported or can be supported? Maybe someone else has had success in monitoring drives connected to it?

I have had success with other HighPoint cards in the past but this one just does not seem to show up in Hard Disk Sentinel. The drives are just used in "legacy" mode and show up fine in windows.

Any info would be awesome, Thanks

Re: HighPoint RocketRaid 3520

PostPosted: 2019.12.20. 08:15
by hdsentinel
Not sure which version you tried?
I'd recommend to check with the latest 5.50.9 version:

as it has additional support for some HighPoint controllers. The Revision of this version ( ) mentions HighPoint 3740, so 3520 will also likely work with that.

Please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option in all cases with this version.
It would confirm if things are correct (and it is possible to check if there is anything to improve/optimize) - but if not, it helps further development.

Re: HighPoint RocketRaid 3520

PostPosted: 2019.12.20. 08:26
by dancingpelican
The latest version now shows the drives but with a question mark and no information. I will send a report.