Marvell 88SE9128 raid

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Marvell 88SE9128 raid

Postby xetal » 2012.06.25. 05:39

does hdsentinel have any plans to support Marvell 88SE9128 chip (Marvell 9128 Serial ATA Gen 3 Adapter) in raid mode?
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Re: Marvell 88SE9128 raid

Postby hdsentinel » 2012.06.25. 09:10

Yes of course.

However, it does not depend on Hard Disk Sentinel, but depends more on the manufacturer.

So the question is: does Marvell have plans to add a function to their firmware and drivers which allows accessing hard disk status when RAID mode is used?
We constantly push manufacturers for this but it seems Marvell offers this function in 63xx / 64xx SAS RAID chips only (used eg. on Asus P6T motherboards), but not in 61xx / 91xx RAID controller chips.

Interesting: the HighPoint 620 / 622 cards have the same Marvell 9128 chip - but with HighPoint firmware and drivers and it is already supported in Hard Disk Sentinel, so complete drive status is detected and displayed even in RAID mode.

So if you consider a cheap SATA Gen 3 controller, select HighPoint 620 / 622.
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Re: Marvell 88SE9128 raid

Postby firionicable » 2012.10.15. 06:14

I guess it would be best to start using HighPoint since this is already supported by HDS.
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