How can i save a scan?

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How can i save a scan?

Postby anaesarora » 2013.07.26. 13:10

Since we have a lot of big sized hard drives, and when we have electrical supply and failure problems, how can i save a scan and restart it again in future from the same sector i ended.In this manner i have an option to rescan the drive from the last read sector by loading the last saved scan, and starting the scan again.This feature i have not seen in HDD SENTINEL. Can any body help me to save a scan and restart it in future?
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Re: How can i save a scan?

Postby hdsentinel » 2013.07.26. 23:57

You can any time save the current (even partial results) during the test in the following ways:
- if you prefer to save an image about the disk surface map, please use the small floppy disk button in the upper right corner of the disk surface test window
- if you prefer to save more detailed information, please right click on the disk surface map and select Save disk information (which can be re-load later in the software) or Export transfer speed values (which can be loaded in for example Excel).

There is no need to save the scan and the re-load it, because before starting the test, you can configure which particular block(s) you prefer to be tested.
For example if you save the (partial) results when the first 20% (2000 blocks) tested, then you can use:

Disk -> Surface test -> and in the new window when you select the test, select Configuration tab and use the "Limit testing to specific data blocks" option, to specify First block = 2001 and Last block = 9999.
This way the test will start from that specific block, so there's no need to test the previous 2000 blocks again.
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