Samsung Spinpoint F3 not fully supported?

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Samsung Spinpoint F3 not fully supported?

Postby Duker5 » 2010.02.24. 05:20

Isn't the Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ fully supported in Hard Disk Sentinel? I've noticed the F1 and F2 are but the F3 appears not to be due to information not being available in the information section at the very bottom, see image posted and it still doesn't show that information in the very latest version of HD Sentinel v 3.10.

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Re: Samsung Spinpoint F3 not fully supported?

Postby hdsentinel » 2010.02.24. 18:49

The drive is of course fully supported - that's why its (other) details (temperature, health, ATA, SMART and so) are displayed in the software.

Hard Disk Sentinel uses a database to provide the information you listed for each drives. This database is constantly increasing (now it has information about 3746 hard disk models, you can check in the About box, under the version number). The HD103SJ model is not yet added to this database, that's why these details are now missing. I'm adding it to both to the software and the online version of the database, which is available at the website under Support -> Knowledge Base -> Storage information
so these details will be available soon.
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