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Postby nvd-spb » 2013.12.30. 12:04

Hello. We have purchased your program, but she doesn't see some of the RAID. How to be and what to do?
1. MEGARAID LD 0 LSI Logic Megaraid SCSI 320-1
3. Adaptec Array SCSI RAID 21305 Controller
4. 5VY89LYT ST250DM000-1BD14
5. HP Logical Volume
6. Promise 1X2 Mirror/RAID1
7. Intel RAID 1 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller
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Re: RAID & Drivers

Postby hdsentinel » 2013.12.30. 17:11

Dear nvd-spb,

Thanks for your message and thanks for using registered version of Hard Disk Sentinel software.

Excuse me for that, however, I can confirm this is not a bug in the software but a limitation of the RAID controller and/or the current driver used for the controller where the hard disk(s) are connected. If it would depend on us - then all controllers would be already supported.

Some RAID controllers (usually older / lower quality ones) do not provide access to the hard disks connected and configured into RAID arrays.
As you can see, the controller may completely hides all physical disk information - that's why the real disk type and S.M.A.R.T. information (including temperature and health) are not displayed, just you can see a "virtual" device instead of the real disk model.

Many RAID controllers (for example 3ware/AMCC, Areca, HighPoint, LSI, Dell, NVIDIA, Intel, Silicon Image, JMicron, Adaptec, etc...) have special methods which allow detection of more information in this situation (so these controllers are already supported).
That's why only these controllers are listed as supported RAID controllers at

We're doing our best to analyse other RAID controllers - and if technically it is possible to access hard disk status, I can confirm Hard Disk Sentinel will immediately support detection of further disk details in a future version.

This information is available at

Let's see the actual controllers / situations you described with more details:

1) From older SCSI RAID controllers, only very few support accessing hard disk information when hard disks configured to RAID arrays, these are some Adaptec SCSI RAID controllers. I'm afraid LSI SCSI RAID controllers do not work this way, that's why LSI MegaRAID series listed as not supported on the above mentioned compatibility list, just LSI SATA / SAS series contain the required functions.

2) As you can see on the compatibility list, many Adaptec controllers supported and should work. This include Adaptec 2xxx series and above, but due to the decision of Adaptec, integrated HostRAID and 1xxx series (low-end Adaptec controllers) can't be supported.

3) Did you try the latest possible version 4.40 or even the latest possible beta version from ?
I'd suggest to please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option as then it is possible to check the actual situation. It is possible that a driver update is required (if possible) as then the status may be accessed.

4) The item you wrote is a hard disk model, not a RAID controller. If it's status is not detected, then it is also caused by the current driver of the controller / motherboard, where the hard disk is connected. Generally, the Support -> Driver Zone section at is designed exactly to offer better, working drivers for hard disk controllers / chipsets, so I'd suggest to check that page and try a recommended driver for the actual controller
(which is displayed on the Information page in Hard Disk Sentinel when you select the appropriate hard disk).
Also I'd again suggest to please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option to check the current situation and advise.

5) Yes, HP Smart Array controllers is a big problem: even if we contacted HP about this issue long time ago about the situation, we received no positive feedback. Of course if technically would be possible to add support, it will be immediately added to Hard Disk Sentinel.

6) The latest versions of Hard Disk Sentinel supports many different Promise RAID controllers, from the higher lines, for example Promise SuperTrak series as described on the compatibility page. Older / low-end Promise controllers simply did not contain the required functions to access hard disk status (even for standalone hard disks, not only for RAID).
I'd again suggest to please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option to check the current situation and advise.

7) Intel RAID controllers starting from ICH7R chipsets supported without problems. Generally, Intel chipset driver 9.6.5 listed on the above mentioned Driver Zone page was the first, really working driver where the RAID members can be accessed. I'm afraid this driver may not install on your chipset.

If no hard disk status information displayed, then I'd suggest to consider

- using Windows software RAID arrays to create and manage the RAID array with Windows - instead of the RAID controller which blocks most functions we'd need. This is possible with Windows Server OSes, and then Hard Disk Sentinel would be able to access the status of the members of the RAID.

- using a different, better RAID controller from the list of supported controllers.

Anyway, the tests under Disk menu Surface Test function can be used to test and diagnose the virtual hard disk volume even if the hard disks used with the current RAID controller, which does not support detection of further disk information.
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