Testing RAID drives oon a USB dock

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Testing RAID drives oon a USB dock

Postby 20megRat » 2014.06.24. 07:11

I have 1 Drobo with 4 drives, and 3 DLink DNS boxes each with 2 drive bays, that's around 10 terr of disk used for mainly for backups,and they never get tested. The dLink NAS boxes run Linux and have a drive test,but I was told it is useless.

If I power off these boxes and pull the drives one at a time, and put them in a USB drive dock, can I run tests and get a status overview?
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Re: Testing RAID drives oon a USB dock

Postby hdsentinel » 2014.06.24. 15:07

Yes, I confirm that it is possible without problems:

Hard Disk Sentinel checks and report status independently from the contents of the hard disks. So you can diagnose and test them without problems even if they may have file system(s) / partition(s) which are not readable under Windows (or even if they'd have no partition information at all).

If you connect it by a proper USB docking station / enclosure (which has all functions to access the hard disk status, most newer devices should have no problems, but you may check http://www.hdsentinel.com/compatibility_usbharddisks.php for more details), you should immediately see the hard disk status in Hard Disk Sentinel: all problem(s) ever found, power on statistics, highest temperature ever recorded by the drive and so.
Also by using the tests from the Disk menu (for example Disk -> Short self test, Extended self test, Surface test -> Read test) you can verify the status, reveal problems - or confirm that the status if fine, there are "hidden" errors.

If you prefer to have assistance for any particular hard disk(s), please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option as then it is possible to check the complete status and advise.
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