Find hdd on a big array

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Find hdd on a big array

Postby ItadGuy » 2018.10.05. 14:24

Hi, I am wondering if there is a simple way to make blink the led on an hdd to find it quickly. When I run HDsentinel, sometime the position of the hdds change (based on the position of their serial numbers) and to find one (or more) faulty drive sometime means to have to take out all of them one by one and this is basically not possible without creating a damages.
Any Idea, please?

Ps: I am using several HP msa 60 and HP P2000 connected to an hp dl380 g6 with sas connection.

Thanks a lot
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Re: Find hdd on a big array

Postby jviets » 2018.12.05. 18:52

I would love this feature as well. It can be time consuming to locate a specific drive within the arrays. In my situation I am using 8 DELL PowerVaults for a total of 120 drives.

If this can be done it would be incredibly helpful.
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