About Smart 188

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About Smart 188

Postby Menard » 2021.11.21. 17:58


I ve read this : a great study, well known among specialists, about hard disk failure, showed various trustable indicators, as Smart item O5 C5 C6 and 188 is considered too ... establishing that if 188 is more than 13 (decimal) the HD should be replaced
But I bought a new one in september, for long term storage, and yesterday I ve seen that item 188 on it was to 20 (decimal) since the first Smart test (when I received it and it had zero hours, none startup, only my first one) it is a Toshiba L200 (2.5" 2 TB) and stayed stable to 20 though I fulled it with 1.5 TB written

Anyway HD Sentinel Free never find anything worrying on it at the beginnig and now
I don't know if it is relevant
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Re: About Smart 188

Postby hdsentinel » 2021.11.22. 12:49

There are numerous attributes in addition to these which can indicate problems.
But checking only one (especially the 188) and saying that "above 13" is far from a professional viewpoint - because alone the fact that anything over 13 (exactly as you can see) did not indicate problems with the hard disk drive.

Regardless of those numbers, I always recommend intensive testing before using any drive (even a new hard disk drive), exactly to reveal any possible problems - or confirm if the drive is perfectly working, see:

And if you use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option, it is possible to advise based on the complete status - as in many cases the correlation between the S.M.A.R.T. attributes are much more important than a single attribute.
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