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Scroll function where the mouse pointer is

Posted: 2022.06.28. 01:33
by Micke
It's actually been bothering me for years, and I keep forgetting this, and it's very very annoying when you're sifting through pages and you forget to click in the actual window before you're touching the scroll wheel.
This can actually make the whole system lag, especially on slower machines when the program opens each drive for each "click" on the scroll wheel. It sucks resources like crazy sometimes.
Even on relatively fast machines, like servers, experiences this.

It would be very nice if the windows would scroll where I put the mouse pointer without having to click there first.

Thank you for a very nice & neat program otherwise.

Re: Scroll function where the mouse pointer is

Posted: 2022.06.28. 11:49
by hdsentinel
Hi Micke,

Thanks for your message and kind words.

Please check the 6.01.3 beta version: ...

as it works that way. There will be still some changes around this area but the mouse wheel works this way in that version.

According the beta version details: ... vision.txt

- improved mouse wheel handling: scrolling the list on the main window when mouse moved over it

So check possible newer beta versions too in the future ;)

Re: Scroll function where the mouse pointer is

Posted: 2022.06.28. 14:51
by Micke
Ok, it's installed. An improvement, but perhaps remove the scroll-function (or make this optional from settings) for the drives list. It's sluggish and just as earlier it drains resources like crazy if you have a glitchy scroll, or just scrolling up & down (or even if the window is in the background*). It jumps between the disks, and I'm guessing that depending on the health of the drives, it might gather some data differently thus adding to the lag.

* = I'm using X-mouse software for the mouse which among other things allow hovering and scrolling over non-active windows (as well as creating macros and other fun & neat stuff).

Re: Scroll function where the mouse pointer is

Posted: 2022.11.12. 08:50
by Micke
I found a solution to this "problem", and it should work with older versions as well.
Although, the newer version has a better scroll function, it still does that switcheroo thing (Disk-selection when scrolling) at times, and as I was trying to find a solution to Windows Disk Management and no-scroll in the lower part of the window (In MMC, A.K.A. Windows Management Console), and I'm using the app X-Mouse Button Control (For the un-initiated, it's not just for buttons!), and long story short; I made a post asking about this, and after doing so, I took a stroll around the forum and after seeing something similar I ended up fiddling with the app-profiles (You can add different functionality for different apps, also works mouse-over in the background/active), and there's a function there where you can change the mode of the scroll function. Super neat!
X-Mouse Button Control.png
X-Mouse Button Control.png (27.15 KiB) Viewed 517 times
I highly recommend this app, not only for this function, but for the other options that it provides, like by default adding mouse-over scroll (Where the pointer is), and the fact that you can customize the crap out it by adding macros and other functions as well.