Minimizing the ammount of disk writes from the program?

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Minimizing the ammount of disk writes from the program?

Postby Guy... » 2019.06.04. 22:45

I have an SSD and HDSentinel is the top 2nd program of most writes to the drive (with a daily ~750MB, below Windows Defender's ~1GB).
I know that the amount of writes isn't that critical to SSDs anymore, but it does add up over time, so if it can be minimized without losing functionality then all the better :)
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Re: Minimizing the ammount of disk writes from the program?

Postby hdsentinel » 2019.06.05. 18:40

Sounds so interesting.

Generally Hard Disk Sentinel does NOT write high amount of data. Exactly the opposite, exactly to minimise writes, Hard Disk Sentinel writes only very small amounts: periodically updates the disk status database and statistics, but it is some KBytes only per each drive.

Please see the folder of the software, there may notice the updated files eg. DISKDATA.... files for the drives and HDSentinel.sta (statistics) which are updated from time to time.

750 MB sounds really too much. It would be possible only if you may have very high amount of disk drives and you'd set too frequent detections on Configuration -> Advanced options page (which may cause that drive status and the statistics updated frequently).

Or maybe if you enable the Configuration -> Advanced options -> Generate and update XML file (which automatically creates an XML output to be processed by 3rd party tools).

So you may try to disable this option and/or adjust the detection frequency at Configuration -> Advanced options page, to perform less frequent detections.

Also please note that Hard Disk Sentinel detects and displays the total amount of data written on the Performance page - and because of that, the total transferred data for the process may show disk I/O related for other running applications/software.

And in "worst case" you can redirect all status/statistics to different drive (for example a hard disk) at Configuration -> Advanced options -> Change folder to store statistics and settings. This way no data will be written on the SSD.

I'd recommend to please use Report menu -> Send test report to developer option, as then I can check the actual configuration, verify the situation - and it may give some ideas about what happens on your system.
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Re: Minimizing the ammount of disk writes from the program?

Postby Guy... » 2019.06.05. 22:24

Sorry for the trouble, I was looking at the I/O Write Bytes in Task Manager which I realized in hindsight obviously doesn't only refer to disk writes but also memory/etc.
I checked in Process Explorer and saw that there were no disk writes from HDSentinel (even after leaving it running for a while).
Thanks and sorry again :)
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