Hard Disk Sentinel Software Worth Buying?

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Hard Disk Sentinel Software Worth Buying?

Postby Charlis » 2019.11.21. 09:57

Hello everyone,,
Have seen mention of this software and people seem to love it for monitoring hard drives and testing things. It’s on sale today for $13.48. Is it worth buying over other freebie tools?


Disclaimer this is NOT my affiliate link I found this in a forum, so edit as needed,
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Re: Hard Disk Sentinel Software Worth Buying?

Postby wwcanoer » 2020.02.21. 01:21

Absolutely worth buying!

I have had Hard Disk Sentinel for years. The report window appears every time that I restart but everything is always good, so I almost ignore it. Until I was consolidating my old backup USB drives and one 2TB USB HDD reported 88% health and I "panicked." Backed up everything without any issues and then restored the drive using HD Sentinel.

Then I plugged 4TB USB HDD drive and after using a short while it reported 9% health, 14 days of life remaining!! UGH! Ok, so I didn't need to panic at 88% :D :D :D

Even at 9% health, I was able to verify nearly all of the files matched my other drive (I try to have 2 copies of all files) and copy the few unique ones. The health dropped to 7% and 8 days life remaining. I am now partitioning the drive to avoid the bad sectors and then will keep using it as a secondary backup.

If I didn't have HD Sentinel, then I would have soon added new data to this drive and maybe lost it.

I think that the unregistered version will keep monitoring but you can't repair. Hard drives fail, so sooner or later you'll need to repair something. So buy it when on sale.
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