Slow writing speed in surface test - write test

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Slow writing speed in surface test - write test

Postby nighttob » 2020.02.10. 11:24

I use HD Sentinel as a erasing tool in my server with surface test function.
All HDs attached on a SAS/RAID card, such as AVAGO 9300-8i and Lenovo 430-8i.

I found some HD run speed low in write test, only a quarter of normal speed or less. Both SATA and SAS, 7.2K and 10K have this issue.
I don't change any default configuration.

May you help to find what cause this issue and how to slove it?
20190912-143037_W_LENOVO-X_ST8000NM0075_ZA158WN1LC79LC79LC79_LC79-surface-full.jpg (652.56 KiB) Viewed 5013 times
20190912-143050_W_LENOVO__ST4000NM0025_ZC12WQGWLK90LK90LK90_LK90-surface-full.jpg (653.61 KiB) Viewed 5013 times
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