How to run HDS as a standard user?

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How to run HDS as a standard user?

Postby Virgil » 2020.02.11. 10:18

I'm trying to find a way to run HDS as a standard user.

I'm using a laptop with two Administrator accounts and a standard user.
The OS is Windows 10 Pro 1909 OS build 18363.628
I installed HDS Professional v.5.50.12 from my standard user account but I had to use and Administrator password to do so. I installed the program in C:\Hard Disk Sentinel hoping to avoid any access rights problems, because as I understand some data is kept in the installation directory.

If I try to run HDS when I am logged in the standard account, I have to use an Administrator password, but I would like to avoid this procedure. In addition, I cannot get HDS to start with Windows when I log in to my standard user account. Based on a solution that I saw in this Forum, I tried to add a task in Task Scheduler but I couldn't make it work.

What could I do to run HDS as a standard user without having to enter an Administrator password and also to make it run when I log on to Windows? Needless to say, I would like HDS to be active for all accounts.
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Re: How to run HDS as a standard user?

Postby hdsentinel » 2020.02.12. 10:50

Yes, it is possible if Hard Disk Sentinel Professional runs as a service: then it can examine hard disk status even if there is no user logged to the computer or if the user does not have administrator rights (have limited rights only).

Generally in order to access the disk status, the software would require administrator user rights, this is why by default Hard Disk Sentinel needs to be run with administrator account.

It is possible to use the software differently: switch to NT Service mode after installation, by using Configuration -> Integration -> Use as service button. It switches Hard Disk Sentinel Professional to "service" mode: then it runs in the context of the SYSTEM account, invisible in the background as an NT service and works independenty from the current user, without any visible user interface.

This way it can work (detect status, issue alerts by e-mail, report problems) independently from the current user and his user rights, so works even if the current user has limited user rights - or if there is no logged user at all. So in service mode, Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is separated from the current user.

When running in service mode, the current user (with limited rights) can start a "Hard Disk Sentinel Tray" extension: with it, the user can get status information and tray icons showing the actual hard disk temperature, but without the opportunity to change options, configuration or perform tests etc. The idea is to let administrator use all functions/features - and if there is an user with limited user rights, he can still check status, but should have no rights to perform any special actions.

Please check for more details about the service mode in general.
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Re: How to run HDS as a standard user?

Postby Virgil » 2020.02.12. 11:08

Thank you. I'll run the program as a service and if and when for example I want to test a disk, I'll run it as Administrator.
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