About tests and other filesystems

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About tests and other filesystems

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If we have some drives with filesystems other than NTFS, FAT or exFAT, like ZFS and we perform a test on them, they should remain usable after the test is done, right? I mean considering the results and all of course, you get what I mean.

For example in the case I have a ZFS drive and I do a disk repair test on it, I should uncheck the "Detect file information...", right?

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Re: About tests and other filesystems

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Yes, I can confirm that there should be no problems (considering that you use the tests with no overwrite/clearing, eg. Disk menu -> Surface test-> Read test, Disk Repair, Quick Fix).

Generally all disk tests in Hard Disk Sentinel work independently from the actual file system, so they can be used effectively on disk drives
- with no partition/file system at all
- with non-Windows partition(s) / file system(s), for example ZFS
in addition to the "normal" Windows-compatible file systems.

No, you do not need to uncheck the "Detect file information..." option. Generally this option works only with Windows-readable partitions, so if a non-Windows partition found, then this function will not do anything (as it can't find NTFS MFT or FAT table for FAT partition).

Just make sure to do not use the write-type tests (eg. Disk menu -> Surface test -> Write test, Reinitiliase disk surface) as these would overwrite (clear) all data, so can be used to wipe all contents of the drive (even from non-Windows partitions).
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